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Found 1 result

  1. Whether you are selling pizzas or pottery it is crucial to realize that you are running a business and therefore need to act like it. MAKE A PLAN! Yes, I am yelling. You cannot reach Hawaii by wandering west and not knowing there is an ocean in the way. Please don't just wander around making costly mistakes. READ UP ... Research ... just Google the topic and get advice on how to run a crafts based business which is about the same as running any small business. GO TO A CLASS ... many community colleges have classes on running a small business, the Arts Business Institute has regular weekend workshops that will save you from years of mistakes. Many, many websites or blogs offer excellent advice on running a crafts business. This site offers a ton of advice for those willing to understand that the advice is meant for them ... they are not a special exception to the boring work. Read or listen and learn. Right now is a fabulous time to be making a handmade product if you know what you are doing and marketing yourself properly. As more 'connected' people tire of the lack of personal contact in their daily lives home shows and studio shows are gaining popularity. People want the story ... they want the personal connection ... yes, they want a part of the dream that is "a life of creativity" .... they need items of consequence and to share the story with friends. Other Crafts are recognizing this and feeding the need. Even the foodie world is going to extremes to give them an excellent story to go with their meal. So, take yourself seriously. Do the work. Plan your attack for the long run of 5-8 years building a client base. It will pay off. I invite you to start here with my website, then continue on to others ... http://www.ccpottery.com/marketing_your_work_to_gall.html

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