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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! My name is Alexander. I live and work in Russia and I really want to communicate with ceramists. I want to show you my products - I make glazed brick and glazed brick with decal. Please look at my work, it is very important for me to hear your opinion. Are there ceramists who make similar bricks? If so, I will be very happy to communicate! Thank you for having this forum where people communicate who are not indifferent to the craft of the ceramist.
  2. Anyone one have tips/knowledge about Gallup brick? Any insight on temperature rating would be appreciated!
  3. So.... My kiln is slowly being mended. I have the new elements being made up and some K26 bricks ordered. The problem with the original lid was that it really has no support in the middle of the lid which then had a peep hole in the middle-ish brick causing structural issues. The lid was bricked up in the standard brick wall config (sorry I don't know the correct term) but I am wondering if there is a better way to lay the bricks. The old lid was in the end held together by the tension of the steel case round the bricks. This was my idea from looking at pictures of kiln lids for the brick config. I would have two stainless steel threaded bar going through and being bolted onto the steel casing (shown by the dotted line) This I hope will add enough support to the middle and with the peep hole being on the edge of two bricks instead of one it would negate the structural issues the old lid had with a hole in the middle of one brick. Could I also pin the bricks to each other with small bits of element or would that make cementing the bricks straight too hard to get right? Any advice on cementing the bricks as I have never done it before?
  4. I have been reading a bit about making my own IFB to start building my own little kilns. I know it is probably not cost effective but I just want to do it anyway for my own enjoyment. I was working last night in some 3D software with a 9/4.5/3 brick shape trying to work out how to layout bricks and how many I will need. I then realised that I know nothing about brick laying There must be a good way to stack bricks and build up a wall. Anybody got some links to kiln building / brick laying? Going to go to the library tomorrow to see if I can't find a good book on kiln building but thought I would ask here. Any information is good even if it is only slightly related. " I want it all "
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