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Found 52 results

  1. I've got a bone dry bowl. Arctic white stoneware. It has thin walls and has been sitting for about a month. I also have a 'raven black' slip (description below). Is it possible for me to paint the pot with the slip, then paint patterns with shellac and wipe the black slip away, revealing the clay underneath? I'm unsure if the bowl will take the slip and whether it's possible to wipe the excess away, so I'm left with a black pattern. Ideas: These decorating slips, are suitable for use on both Earthernware and Stoneware bodies. When manufacturing our slips we believe in using high percentages of stain to give strong, vivid colours throughout the range. The slip can be applied to leather hard clay with brushes, sponges or slip trailers. After biscuit firing the pots should be glazed with a suitable transparent glaze which will further enhance the vibrant colours. Our sample is fired to 1060degC.The colours darken the higher you fire. Wide firing range - 1000-1300°C" Is it possible for me to paint the pot with the slip, then paint patterns with shellac and wipe the black slip
  2. Bowl with liquid effect

    From the album My work - Lucy POTTERY

    Bowl with liquid effect made from glass. You can see instruction video here: https://youtu.be/9uFZ1OxogDo

    © Lucy POTTERY

  3. Turquoise And White Matt Foot Bowl

    From the album Ceramics Fall 2016

    Turquoise stone and white matte on a dark red clay body. I threw the foot separately and attached when leather hard. It is slightly off balance, but will look nice holding my mini hanging succulents in the garden.
  4. purple butterfly bowl

    From the album Favorites

    Small wheel thrown bowl with underglaze, geometric sgraffito carving, fired to cone 6 in an electric kiln.
  5. Detail of Poppy Bowl

    From the album Pottery 2016

    Cone 5 B-Mix, carved and glazed in Stoned Denim from Mayco.

    © Giselle Massey 2016 all rights reserved

  6. "Ode to Jurakudai"

    From the album John Baymore's Clay Work

    Ido-style Chawan. Wood fired and electric fired. Granite bearing stoneware body. American Shino glaze on exterior (with finger wipes), semi-matte feldspathic glaze on interior. Gold luster on interior. Exhibited In "Chawan for Chanoyu" solo exhibition held in conjunction with the 2015 Providence NCECA conference.

    © 2015 John Baymore -all rights reserved

  7. Commissioned 'Piano' Bowl

    From the album Custom Mugs and Commission Concepts

    This is a large, 3.5+ quart, mixing bowl that is part of a commission project for a retiring university dean. You might guess that the dean had something to do with the music program...and that would be correct. The bowl stands 7" tall and is a full 12" wide at the rim. The black keys were added individually to the wheel thrown piece and later brushed with Amaco Velvet underglaze. The exterior is glazed with Woo's Blue. The interior is Pete's Cranberry. A final light coat of clear was sprayed over the underglazes section for additional sheen. This is a Cone 10 reduction piece.

    © Copyright 2016 - Paul Chenoweth - Nashville, TN USA - All rights reserved.

  8. Textured cut edge bowl

    From the album Playing with mud 2016

  9. Great Horned Owl Bowl

    From the album Late 2015

    A bowl with "ears" a lady commissioned for her sister as a Xmas gift. I love this piece. Owls are such a special subject to make! Those eyes are gorgeous enough to drown in. SPS LF06 lowfire buff, Clay Art Center underglaze, Mayco underglaze, Mason Stain Fired to ^03.

    © Cavy Fire Studios

  10. Two Cats

    From the album Late 2015

    And this is why I love terracotta. Look at that delicious red. Measures 8" across, terracotta with greenware-applied underglaze, fired to ^03.
  11. Bowl

    From the album Glaze Combinations

    Cone 6 firing - base glaze is Amaco Ancient Jasper with 3 coats of Coyote Red/Gold on the exterior and interior rims. Clay is Laguna BMix5

    © Whistle Tree Pottery - Ellijay, GA 2015

  12. Deep Serving Bowl

    From the album newer work

    The glaze is a silky white over pale blue slip, which breaks through the glaze to give soft delicate shades. The exterior was sprayed lightly with a blue ash glaze, which has gone transparent over the base glaze and run down to the foot in places. The interior is speckled with a blue reminiscent of a robin's egg.
  13. From the album Work in Progress

    Three wheel thrown pieces made with Speckled Buff clay. The interiors are then painted with white stoneware slip and the outside is carved with grass and flowers.

    © Copyright Giselle Massey 2015

  14. From the album Work in Progress

    Three wheel thrown pieces made with Speckled Buff clay. The interiors are then painted with white stoneware slip and the outside is carved with grass and flowers. Then underglaze is applied to the grass and white engobe to the flowers so the colors will show true.

    © Copyright Giselle Massey 2015

  15. IMG 4014 1000x806px 72dpi darker

    From the album 2015 Sgraffito

    Wheel-thrown bowl with undulating edge, depicting Choctaw ponies running free in the Oklahoma mountains.

    © 2015, Carolyn Bernard Young

  16. Speckled buff and lime green leaf bowl/cup

    From the album Wheel Thrown Work, 2015

    Again, one of my first wheel-thrown pieces. Made with Speckled Buff, I painted white slip into the inside of the bowl so the color would show true, then slip trailed a design on the outside in white slip. I was not prepared for the shrinkage! It still throws me off. But this would be a charming hot chocolate cup or great for dessert or ice cream.

    © Copyright Giselle Massey 2015 All Rights Reserved

  17. Wiggle bowl and mug with spirals

    From the album Work in Progress

    The mug was a mistake. I lifted the clay too quickly while pinching too hard. I ended up with ridges and a slightly uneven rim. My first impulse was to throw it into the recycle bucket but there was something about it that I liked. I trimmed off the unevenness at the rim and threw a ripply bowl to match. The next day I added some intricate slip trailing and I can't tell you how glad I am that I kept them after all. These are two of my favorite things I've ever made.

    © Giselle Massey, Giselle No. 5 Handmade, all rights reserved

  18. bowl scry 042015

    From the album Rogryphon's stuff

    An open style bowl. Layering amaco glazed on exterior.
  19. Plate, Bowl, and Mug Set

    From the album Lori Hess of Claybird Pottery Studio

    © Claybird Pottery Studio

  20. Matte Green Bowl & Mug

    From the album Lori Hess of Claybird Pottery Studio

    © Claybird Pottery Studio

  21. Five mise en place bowls

    From the album newer work

    Five mise en place bowls, celadonish glaze, in porcelain, fired to Cone 8. Approximately 5 inches in diameter and 2 inches tall.
  22. Bowl - Celedon + Flambe glaze

    From the album RV gallery

    Used Iron oxide to highlight stamped letters and wax resist to create design on the inside of the bowl
  23. Cats Drinking Porcelain

    From the album narrative work

    I'm not really a cat person, but I chose to work with the basic shape because cats are far less variable in form than dogs and are thus more universally recognized, if that makes any sense. These images are developed using cut-out resists, colored slips, and sgraffito on porcelain.
  24. Sgraffito Eastern Dragon Bowl

    From the album MOAR STUFFS

    This bowl was a process, to say the least. I threw it with whiteware clay, messed with the rim, and covered it completely with black slip. Then, I carved the dragon. I bisqued it, and since carving all those scales took away all of my sanity, I underglazed color onto the bisque, and re-bisqued it. Covered in shiny clear and fired to ^04. Dang thing had little crawl spots, grrr...re-fired to ^03 after adding a bit more glaze to the bald spots. Voíla! Sold it a few years ago for a stupidly low $150... *facepalm* I'dve charged four times that if I was thinking straight. Live and learn!

    © Sarah Alderete

  25. large wave bowl

    From the album My nautical stuff

    The waves are more subtle on this piece. I coat the bottom in white engobe then carve the textured lines around the waves.

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