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Found 6 results

  1. Looking for suggestions for glaze firing heavy beads and ornaments. I have a lot of them and using the standard bead trees/racks they will sag for sure. I have seen one option on YouTube from "Janice the Potter" who uses an extrusion with high fire 17g kanthal wire loops to fire her pendants. I am considering something like this (would have to slab build multiples of them since I don't have an extruder). I have also considered using stilt posts in firebrick/clay base made from heavy gauge nichrome/kanthal but am concerned it will sag and tip over at Cone 5/6. Has anyone had experience with this and what do you use? Thanks.
  2. From the album experimenting

    The beads and pendants are the results of additional experiments with Raku horsehair/feather firing.
  3. Me, making beads

    From the album Work in Progress

    I love clay. That is all.

    © Giselle Massey, Giselle No. 5 Handmade, all rights reserved

  4. Beads and pendants

    From the album Work in Progress

    An assortment of handmade beads with high-fire wire bails.

    © Giselle Massey, Giselle No. 5 Handmade, all rights reserved

  5. Little animal beads

    From the album Work in Progress

    Some little fun guinea pig beads and one hedgehog.

    © Giselle Massey, Giselle No. 5 Handmade, all rights reserved

  6. Bead Handled Bowl

    From the album 2014 Featured Artist Pieces

    This is a bowl that I ruined as I was putting in the kiln to bisque fire. Originally it had braided handles to match the braid that runs around the top. As I was pulling my hands out I tapped on of the bone try handles with my little finger and it broke off. I removed it from the kiln shaved off the stump and cut off the other handle then decided I did not like it without handles drilled holes to add the beaded handles after it was fired. It is glazed in coyotes celadon line of glazes In Key line, Sedona Sunset and Sapphire. The handles are heavy duty wire with multi colored glass beads. The dish is NOT food safe due to the handles but it is a very pretty display piece.

    © Terry Buffington


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