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Found 4 results

  1. We have a walk out basement and I'm about to create a work space down there. The Sheetrock is up on the walls but we're still discussing/arguing on the ceiling and lighting. I would prefer normal Sheetrock ceilings but hubby wants the drop ceilings which I hate. My real question for the group is on lighting. The space runs the whole depth of the house. The front has a sliding glass door and a window however we live in the woods with just enough space cleared for the house so there isn't a ton of natural light. The rear of the space has no windows. Can I get recommendations on lighting from those of you working in basement studios? Number/spacing and type. Thanks!
  2. InspireArtStudioandPottery

    Building A Basement Studio

    Love this forum. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to provide your insight. I would very much appreciate your professional opinions on the following for my basement studio which is located in my home: 1. What type of utility sink will be sufficient-will "plastic" hold up? 2. Should I put my cone 10 kiln into a separate room in the studio? 3. About how much room should I leave around the kiln in a separate room for stacking, maintenance, etc. 4. I'm building a 4x8 studio table. Any suggestion as to a material for the top? I am considering hardboard. But would a Formica-like product be better. I am concerned about moisture and warping. 5. Cleaning floors: I know damp mopping is best but should I vacuum up the dust first with a shop vac? If not, wouldn't I just be pushing around mud even if I rinse frequently? 6. I plan on painting the concrete floor with appropriate paint. Should I leave the kiln area unpainted? 7. Which is more desirable as far as venting-downdraft or updraft?
  3. nigich22

    The basement studio

    From the album: What I am up to

    One angle of my basement studio. It's not perfect but it works well.
  4. nigich22

    Basement studio

    From the album: What I am up to

    Another view of my workspace. From this angle you can see the workbench that I built for my wife.

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