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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, So I am applying to some shows, and if I get in, there will be a variety of crowd sizes, and also of sales, as reported on artfairinsiders.com. So how do you figure out how much to take? I do functional pottery: mugs, plates, bowls, dog bowls, and then dog bone ornaments, and wind chimes. My price point is from $12 to about $60 for the bigger bowls. It is electric kiln fired, simple and neat. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Best, Nancy Added on 1/21/14 Yikes! I applied to about 12 shows and got into about 7 of them so far. No huge shows yet, just local and mid-sized. I was wait-listed at ArtRider in NJ, which is big, and haven't heard from the Penn State show, but I'm thinking I will NOT get into that one. One of the show directors from a different show sent me an email showing me how my booth picture and object pictures should look, and I am lucky he was so nice. My pictures should have been laughed out of the jury room. So down to the nuts and bolts. How much of each item should I have? At my own shop, and on etsy, I couldn't keep this one glaze combo in stock. It's very popular. So I am looking to take mugs, bowls, medium sized bowls, a few bigger bowls, salad plates and dinner plates, spoon rests, ringholders, trinket dishes and wind chimes. My mugs are $22 without a name, $25 with Mom, Dad, an initial, etc on them. I know, they are cheesy and not artsy, but they sell. People know what to do with a MOM mug. oh, and some canisters, and if I can get a big extruder, I would love to learn how to make butter dishes and plates, as someone told me they do. Any ideas of numbers? And BTW, I make jewelry too, and the shows are all filled instantly with jewelry. Amazing! So glad I applied with pottery! Nancy

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