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Found 41 results

  1. Up in Smoke Pottery

    Naked Finishes Workshop

    Greetings all, I thought I throw this out there, we have a couple spots left in our Naked Finishes workshop. We will be doing foil saggars, paper saggars, pit fire and obvara over the course of two days. More information and registration is on our website. Hoping for good weather in April.(FYI its the middle of a blizzard currently)
  2. Up in Smoke Pottery

    Up In Smoke Pottery 901

    From the album: Obvara

    Obvara firing from April 2017

    © Up in Smoke Pottery~Chad Dykstra

  3. Up in Smoke Pottery

    Up In Smoke Pottery 902

    From the album: Obvara

    Obvara firing from April 2017

    © Up in Smoke Pottery~Chad Dykstra

  4. Up in Smoke Pottery

    Up In Smoke Pottery 900

    From the album: Obvara

    Obvara firing from April 2017

    © Up in Smoke Pottery~Chad Dykstra

  5. Good morning everyone. Thank you for allowing me to announce the online workshops available at http://teachinart.com/index.html again. I would like to draw your attention to the class of Marcia Selsor particularly. Unless you are going to attend her workshop later this year in Italy at La Meridiana, this is your opportunity to learn from this highly recommended artist. During this online workshop, she show and tell in detail how she prepare , raku, obvara and two kinds of saggar fired pottery pieces for alternative firing, all conducted in a small raku kiln. Marcia designed and built this little mobile raku kiln specifically for this online workshop and she discuss the making process in detail. Other detailed discussions is about the chemicals she used to obtain results. This is a class that will give anyone that would like to start working with alternative firing a very good kick start, more so because she is available to answer questions right throughout the 6 weeks that the class is online. Other classes currently open are porcelain dinnerware workshops by Antoinette Badenhorst and a beginners pinching teapot class by Antoinette. Connie Christensen will be featured with her workshop in April. Other instructors on the list for 2017 is Nan Rothwell, Paul Lewing, Marie Gibbons and a follow up shino workshop by Connie Christensen. If you are interested in more details, you are welcome to contact Koos@TeachinArt.com As always: we are calling for instructors. Thanks.
  6. porcelainbyAntoinette

    Online Workshops At Teaching Art.com

    Hi guys, TeachinArt.com Online School of Art is pushing forward this year and is offering more and more opportunities to learn at your own convenient time, in the comfort of your own studio. The first batch of classes are posted here: http://teachinart.com/index.html and the schedule for more and completely new classes will be posted soon. You can view our first instructors here: http://teachinart.com/our-art-instructors.html. We are in the process to add instructors Nan Rothwell, Marie Gibbons and Paul Lewing among others to the group. We are bringing a variety of workshops to you. If you know of someone that is successful and may be interested to join our team of skilled instructors, please inform them about our workshops. We strive to bring opportunities to educators and students in a way it has never been done before.
  7. porcelainbyAntoinette

    Online Workshops

    Our online School of art is growing! Marcia Selsor's class is open for registration and is filling up nicely. David Voorhees's class on wheel thrown porcelain is open for the second time, while porcelainbyAntoinette is running 3 classes, one a complete beginners class on pinching teapots ( Pinching porcelain teapots will be added to this class in future) Details are available here: http://teachinart.com/frequent-asked-questions.html You can also get a sense of what this is all about here: http://teachinart.com/preview-e-courses.html
  8. Marcia Selsor

    ObvaraLgtoastyspirals copy

    From the album: July 2016 some favorite results

    Large Obvara pot 12" x 12" or 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm
  9. Marcia Selsor

    foilpeachview2 copy

    From the album: New from August 2014

    using copper sulphate base
  10. I have been busy with these! The group made me think of multicolored stones.I am using old and new chemicals for these. Some of the chemicals have been with me since 1972. They were old then..donated to me from the Chemistry dept.at Southern Illinois University.The little brown glass jars have old labels that look like they are from the 30s. One is a cardboard cylinder.
  11. Marcia Selsor


    From the album: saggar, horse hair, feathers, foil saggars, Obvara

    grouping of recent firing sag gars and foil sag gars
  12. Marcia Selsor

    ceramic saggar fired 5:22:14

    From the album: saggar, horse hair, feathers, foil saggars, Obvara

    Fired in ceramic sag gars up to 1650 F
  13. Marcia Selsor

    Foil saggar fired pot.

    From the album: saggar, horse hair, feathers, foil saggars, Obvara

    7" wide x 5 " high. This won 3rd place at the Texas Clay Art Association 2014 Six Pack Show.
  14. Hello, I am trying to find a potter/potters in Ohio who are knowledgable about pit firing. I would like to learn how to do it and would appreciate any help. I have read books, articles but would like to talk to someone face to face. Thanks,
  15. Marcia Selsor


    From the album: saggar, horse hair, feathers, foil saggars, Obvara

    fired March 17 in time for NCECA

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