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      Moderators needed!   12/08/2017

      Ceramic Arts Network is looking for two new forum moderators for the Clay and Glaze Chemistry and Equipment Use and Repair sections of the Ceramic Arts Network Community Forum. We are looking for somebody who is an active participant (i.e. somebody who participates on a daily basis, or near daily) on the forum. Moderators must be willing to monitor the forum on a daily basis to remove spam, make sure members are adhering to the Forum Terms of Use, and make sure posts are in the appropriate categories. In addition to moderating their primary sections, Moderators must work as a team with other moderators to monitor the areas of the forum that do not have dedicated moderators (Educational Approaches and Resources, Aesthetic Approaches and Philosophy, etc.). Moderators must have a solid understanding of the area of the forum they are going to moderate (i.e. the Clay and Glaze Chemistry moderator must be somebody who mixes, tests, and has a decent understanding of materials). Moderators must be diplomatic communicators, be receptive to others’ ideas, and be able to see things from multiple perspectives. This is a volunteer position that comes with an honorary annual ICAN Gold membership. If you are interested, please send an email outlining your experience and qualifications to jharnetty@ceramics.org.

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  1. We are hoping to start an Indiegogo campaign soon and are looking for some advice. We would like to start in the next month (although not ideal). Our goal is around $10,000. We are raising funds because we recently expanded and also because we are looking to give our students and teachers new equipment, a ceramic gallery, and also starting our non-profit classes for under-served families. Any tips and tricks you guys have found? Things to think about: -Rewards for supporters -Non-profit involvement (we are currently a non-profit whose goal is to give free pottery classes to families in the area) -Marketing and Social Media plans -Any other monitoring or tips specific to Indiegogo Let us know! We love your knowledge. Also if you want to check out our website to get a better idea of our studio click HERE Thank you! -District Clay Peeps
  2. Once again, Potter's Fire is looking to grow and we are hiring production potters and assemblers (hand builders). We typically advertise here on C.A.D. and occasionally craigslist.org. The latter has given us very mixed results and is best for entry level unskilled help. The former produces mainly artistic potters, which require considerable retraining to convert into a production potter. Our question is simple enough. Does anyone have any ideas on where to look for good professional production personnel? I'm looking for places where we can run ads. Some of the ideas we had were: 1. Ads in newspapers and craigslist in communities where there is a high density of potters, 2. Social media ads targeting people who "like" C.A.D. or other ceramics oriented subjects / sites, 3. Ads in other periodicals like Clay Times (we've had less success with this publication in the past), 4. Linkedin networking and job posts, Thoughts would be appreciated...
  3. I'm looking to hire someone who can help with producing some of our designs, and even collaborate on future designs we're planning to market. I'm looking for a full time production potter, who can throw fairly well. We're a laid back shop, and this is a salaried position. My question for the forum... Rather questions are as follows: 1. Where is the best place to find full time potters who desire employment? 2. If I want someone with a couple of years worth of experience (1 to 5) what am I looking at in terms of salary? How would this change if I hired someone coming right out of school? 3. If I go for education only, would you suggest I require an MFA or BA with a concentration in ceramics? 4. Do you think an intern might work, who is studying for an MFA or PhD in ceramics? If so, what ceramics programs on the east coast would you suggest I contact? 5. What sort of benefits would a full time potter expect? 6. Your thoughts on hiring two part timers in lieu of hiring a full timer? 7. Specific skills you would suggest I mention in the ad or posting? 8. Do you think I can find someone in the greater Washington DC area, or should I expect to relocate someone? If relocate, would you expect I would have to pay relocation expenses? I've hired folks my entire career, but not in the arts. So, I have no idea what people expect or what is customary in this space. The person will be throwing mostly functional pottery, barware, dinnerware, housewares, and garden wares. One of our lines will include an artistic expression that each potter contributes to, so he/she will be encouraged to work on their own artistic works using our production studio. Thanks! Mike

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