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Found 4 results

  1. Hey so I'm new to the community but I have a question in regards to my Shimpo west RK-2 potters wheel. I have been searching for bats that will work with my wheel head. the wheel head on the Shimpo RK-2 has bat pin holes that are 8 inches apart but all I am only able to find Bats with Pin holes 10 inches apart. Where can I find Bats with bat pin holes 8 inches apart or find bats with no bat pin holes so that i can drill them myself?
  2. Hi everyone, My wheel head (second hand) has rust on it and the center circles are starting to disappear. How can I fix it? Thanks
  3. ​Does anyone out there know how to remove the wheel head from my old Creative Industries wheel? The head has a split in it and is not perfectly flat. Not too much of a concern since I have a variety of bats to throw on. Just curious more than anything. I've also scored a working treadmill with a 2 1/2 hp motor which I may, at some time, look to adapt to the CI wheel. I know it would be overkill since I don't plan on throwing A Hundred Pounds of Clay... Anyway...Any ideas on the wheel head? For those who might be curious, that is a splash pan I made from the bottom of a plastic trash can when I couldn't find a replacement for the pan which was missing when a friend gave me the wheel which he found in a barn on a newly acquired piece of property. JohnnyK
  4. Hello! I recently purchased a bargain second hand wheel, and it wasn't until I got it home, I realised that the centre of the wheel is slightly risen and rusted? I don't have much technical knowledge on pottery wheels, but it looks like the more modern wheel heads are different to the one I have. I have added a photographs below to explain the situation better + i will be replacing the cable also thank you i'm very stuck and I just want to get throwing on it! Ruby here are some links to the images if the quality is low : here | here | here

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