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Found 1 result

  1. Dear friends, this week I have very sad news for you: our friend, colleague and dedicated fellow potter, Tom Roberts, aka TJR, died of bone cancer on the Pentecoste weekend. I want to dedicate this QOTW to him and ask you all to tell us stories, experiences, adventures, discussions you had with Tom. He was very popular and was writing and helping a lot in the forum, so I know almost everybody here knows something to tell about dear Tom. My own story goes like this: At NCECA 2015 in Providence, Pres introduced me personally to Tom. I knew him from the forum already a long time, but never saw him personally. I immediately loved this mountain of a man with his special humor. When he stood up to tell his story at the first "clay story" evening of Steven Branfman's, he walked to the microphone with a gait, pulling at his trousers while walking. Then he stood at the mic like a vintage rock star and brought the house down. He and Pres helped to clear away the Potters Council booth and when it was time to say goodbye, we stood opposite of each other, a bit awkward, not knowing whether to just shake hands or to..... "Give us a hug!" he said, smiling, and then this mountain of a man gave me a big bear hug! I cherish this moment in my heart, knowing that we can't ever hug again. What is YOUR TJR-story? Evelyne PS: this is his obituary: http://friendsfs.ca/book-of-memories/2500113/Roberts-Thomas/obituary.php and here his wife's email address: brigittewiebe@gmail.com

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