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Found 4 results

  1. glazenerd

    Boiling feldspar

    From the album: USB Images

    Pin-holing from high feldspar content in clay body.

    © TJA 11-2017

  2. GlazyGirl


    I have a glaze recipe that calls for Koda A-4 feldspar. Can I substitute Minspar 200 for it?
  3. porcelainbyAntoinette

    G 200, G 200 Hp And What Else.

    Hi Guys. What is the latest changes on G 200 and or the HP? I saw some Spanish Feldspar somewhere at $3 per lb, which is way over what I would like to spend. I know Custer and the soda spars that is available, but before I make the final changes to some porcelain clay recipes, I would like to look at all the possible options. Thanks for any information. Antoinette TeachinArt.com PorcelainbyAntoinette
  4. i just got a 50 pound bag of custer , and then find out the chemical makeup is all over the place , which means i have to spend 30.00 every time i get a new bag it should be up to the company to be on the ball mine a large stockpile and them provide the analysis keep consistency . i found three different analysis so now i don't know if any thing i am making is just a waist of time i now will have to dump all tests and the feldspar not going back to it what a bummer .

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