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Found 7 results

  1. fruch

    Bubble Glazing

    Good Morning: I want to try the bubble glazing with my high school students. I used the google machine to try and find a good recipe but everyone has something different. I tried a couple and every none of them worked amazingly well. I found the soapy liquid tends to run down the side of the pot and only leave a few bubbled spots. I tried using less water, that worked a little bit better. I also found I had to get the bubbles started and scrap the first layer off because these bubbles were to small. Does anyone have a recipe that they have had good success with and do you have any tips for success. I have watched every video on youtube so I am looking for additional information. I have attached my experiments below. Thank you.
  2. HI all, I've referred to this forum many times in the last few months, so thank you all for sharing your knowledge with the world. I just touched clay for the first time in August. After a short class, I fell in love with slab building and geometric shapes. In my class, we only used cone 10 clay, SOOO, when I left class and started playing with clay at home, I got Cone 10 clay. Now that I have LOTS of pieces to fire, I'm calling around to studios and art centers to find they they all fire greenware to bisqueware at 04. Can my Laguna cone 10 clay greenware be used for potted plants, vases and general art if it's just fired to 04? I would glaze fire to cone 6. Any help is appreciated and sorry for this and many future dumb questions. Thanks
  3. Hello! I had a couple of pieces that, freakishly, dried just fine...evenly...even thickness...all around good slab pieces... cracked in the kiln! I fired at the correct temp and somehow this happened. I've read about magic mud...and I was under the impression that it could be used on bisque fired pieces. However, my instructor told me that it couldn't? I wanted to see what everyone thought?
  4. yappystudent

    Agateware Small

    From the album: WIPs

    Greenware on the left, Bisque fired on the right

    © Ann Nielsen

  5. I saw someone say that washing bisqueware before glazing can prevent dripping in the glaze fire because it makes it less absorbent when dipping in the glaze? Does anyone else do this? I'm worried it will make the glaze crawl or something weird.. Thoughts?
  6. I have a Gare Perfect Fire 2329D. Last 06 Bisque firing; programmed the Controller to ramp at 250 degrees F per hour (after firing to 250 degrees slowly). After 8 hours the temperature read 1180 degrees F and it was still ON. This Controller has a Soft Fire feature which I did not remember selecting. And, I don't fully understand and never have selected during bisque firings. When I reviewed the programmed instructions Soft Fire showed up so I select the "Down Arrow" and it stopped showing and the Kiln Shut Off. The buttons on the key pad have been getting sticky (?), it can take 3-4 presses to get the "Select" key to blink at the changes. I replaced all the elements and relays two years ago and am not near 100 firings. This is the most jam packed load of bisque I have ever fired! What should I troubleshoot first?
  7. Great so I bought cone 05 clay instead of cone 5 clay and of course realized this after I fired a few pieces to cone 5. Is there any way I can salvage these couple of pieces? If I try to glaze them, at this point, what cone glaze do I fire to? I've been told these are probably lost but I'm hoping you guys might have some creative alternatives...

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