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Found 13 results

  1. yappystudent

    Agateware Small

    From the album: WIPs

    Greenware on the left, Bisque fired on the right

    © Ann Nielsen

  2. cmdutcher

    IMG 5895

    From the album: 1st and 2nd kiln firing

  3. cmdutcher

    IMG 5888

    From the album: 1st and 2nd kiln firing

  4. cmdutcher

    close up

    From the album: Neriage

    Stained stoneware with Mason stain 6339 (royal blue) and threw it with regular gray stoneware. We'll see how it fires!
  5. cmdutcher

    Tumbler set

    From the album: Neriage

  6. Has anyone tried coloring gray stoneware with mason stains? I've used mason stains in cone 10 porcelain and it's been great, but I'm wondering if cone 10 stoneware is colorable too? I can of course test this out, but if someone else has done it that's of course a lot less time consuming! Of course the coloring won't be as bright as porcelain no matter what, but I'm more worried about the shrinkage rate changing possibly if I decided to use a colored stoneware with my regular stoneware.
  7. Tenyoh

    Incense Holder

    From the album: Functional Ware

  8. Tenyoh

    Soap Dish

    From the album: Functional Ware

  9. Tenyoh

    Soap Dish

    From the album: Functional Ware

  10. Tenyoh

    Jewelry Dish

    From the album: Functional Ware


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