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Found 6 results

  1. Registration is on for this course beginning June 12 http://teachinart.com/alternative-firing.html
  2. I have just returned fro teaching an Alternative Firing workshop in las Cruces, and I am excited to show the successes of the participants. We had a very busy two days of firing. Loaded the soda kiln with terra cotta pieces and another gas kiln with saggars...some were flower pots with lids from broken kiln shelves. This was an experienced group of passionate potters and happily no injuries or burns. At one point there were more than a dozen Raku reduction containers standing by. Obvara and horse hair and feathers also happened. I demonstrated the sodium silicate crackle technique and latex resist. I will be doing many of the same things at Brackers in a week. I will post more photos in my gallery. Many thanks to the Las Cruces Potters, Jan Archey and Jessika Edgar at NMSU where we held the workshop.
  3. http://www.brackers.com/fallfire/ Alternative Firing Workshop with Marcia Selsor Sept. 26-27, 2016 Lawrence , KS Early bird discount is August 15. demos include latex resist for raku, foil saggar firing, obvara, throwing demonstration on sodium silicate and crackled surface.
  4. Here are some pictures and results of the participants from the workshop. Went to the Palms' .St Pier for late lunch since we fired the last pieces around 2. We fired the two kilns for a total of 11 firings for Obvara, horse hair and feathers, saggar and raku. Coconut Shrimp was great. The Shrimp nachos looked good too. Marcia I think the Palm Street Pier was having a wake in the bar. I whole line of oldsters shuffled by doing the "locomotion" and a live singer was singing Amazing Grace when we left. Wild place! At our friend, Pete's,funeral the Shriners played Amazing Grace on Kazoos. There wasn't a straight face in the house!
  5. Marcia Selsor


    From the album: recent pieces in October


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