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So far I am really liking 75-104 utility porcelain. I formulated it to a specific set of limits in lieu of clay varieties. I can nearly pull up a bowl almost perfectly on the first pull. I pulled up a 4" x 10" cylinder with only one pound of clay. Think I will pug out 25 lbs here shortly, interesting properties indeed.
May 07 2017 09:13 PM
  • Joseph F's Photo
    Joseph F
    Pwning up the throwing huh?
    May 09 2017 10:32 AM
  • Mark C.'s Photo
    Mark C.
    My supplier was out of 75-104 utility porcelain . I bought some 76-106-hope it works as good?
    May 09 2017 05:20 PM
  • glazenerd's Photo
    I will be sending out a few trial samples in another two months or so. Currently running shrinkage and absorption tests. Shrinkage at bone dry green ware was only 3 percent.
    May 09 2017 05:30 PM