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Mark (Marko) Madrazo

I had some Laguna ^5 Porcelain sitting around in a 5gal bucket for a year or so. Sooo, I cleaned my wheel of stoneware (spotless) and my tools, so I made some candle holders with in the Mishima technique. Do you think it would be better to fire with a clear glaze of without? I want the colors in the design to be bright.
Jan 10 2017 04:07 PM
  • glazenerd's Photo
    Yes you can. You will see some color shifts, pending the amount of iron in your stoneware clay. Colors will be brighter, different hues perhaps.
    Jan 11 2017 07:38 AM
  • Roberta12's Photo
    again, I concur with the venerable Nerd. I go back and forth from porcelain to a white stoneware.

    Jan 11 2017 08:52 AM
  • Mark (Marko) Madrazo's Photo
    Mark (Marko) Madrazo
    Thank you, good people.
    Jan 11 2017 09:55 PM