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Found 1 result

  1. Min recently asked a very disconcerting question for me. . . . . So, my question would be, if you could only have one ceramics book what would it be and why? (plus, I’m curious what Pres would choose). Believe it or not, I have thought about this often, in several contexts. You may know that I read a lot of ceramics books, and own many, although Marcia has probably disposed of more that I have ever owned. What you probably don't know is that I am a very avid reader of all sorts of fiction/science fiction/fantasy. So this question has come up often in my mind. I really don't know as I could go with only one. The reasons for only one book would also have to be considered. If my home were on fire, and I had time to pick up only one book, I would probably pick up a 3 ring binder that sits on a shelf with my books. It is magic markered with Glaze Compendium. and is a collection of all of the glaze recipes I have scrapped up from years of Ceramics Monthly, Pottery Making, Clay times, and many others along with recopied ones from probably every book I have ever read on ceramics. I figure with that, I can survive. The other item I would pick up in a hurry would be my current tablet that has many of the fictional books I have read, some 3 and four times on it. Still consider that a book. If having a catastrophic event, like a Yellowstone eruption, I would pick up Michael Cardew's, Primitive Potter, or some other book of which I have a few that are about building a studio from. . . junk, old cars, old machinery and other things. This is a really tough question, one that brings all sorts of other questions to the surface, some of which I hope I never have to answer, let alone ask. best, Pres

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