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  1. Brent wheels are great but pricey for new and used. That beind said, and not being sure of what your budget is, I'd recommend a Shimpo Clay Boss or Big Boss - between $300-$700. I have both (Big Boss I got frmo an art center that was going out of business for $200, my Clay Boss (Elite) was a b-day gift from hubby) and both can center 25 lbs with no problem - I've never done 50 but the torque on the wheel would suggest it could. The wheel is very quiet, and has a removable pan. If you can, spend the extra to get the optinoal shelf that is attached. It feels awkward at first, but when I'm at my wheel that doesn't have it, I'm at a loss for space. Good luck!
  2. I have a manual Paragon kiln with a kiln sitter. I bisque fire at ^08, and glaze fire at ^5 & ^6, and while I'm pretty new to firing on my own, I've had luck with this schedule: * For ^08 bisque: candle on LOW for 6-8 hours with lid cracked open. Close lid. Set timer (if you have one) for 8 hours. Keep on LOW for 2 hours; turn to MEDIUM for 2-3 hours; turn to High for rest of firing. * For ^5 glaze I set timer for 10 hours and do low for 2.5 hours; Medium for 2.5 hours; High to shut off (about 3 hours). I always set my timer. If you are like me and don't have a programable kiln, one thing I would suggest is buying a pyrometer. For about $100, they are a good investment (I use mine for Raku). I turn to HIGH on bisque when it reaches 1175. Here's a good chart for cone temps: http://www.bigceramicstore.com/information/ConeChart.html Good luck, Kim
  3. I just looked at the manual too. I agree that it is not very detailed. It done appear that the kiln has programable cone firing available. MELSF - I would set your kiln to fire to ^5 at the medium fire rate. Use pyrometric (self supporting) cones 4, 5, and 6 on a tile and position them so they can be viewed when looking through a peep hole.
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