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  1. B Mix Cone 5-6

    Hi Neil, No, I'm sure it was 5. I made a dozen small salt shakers and they were all marked cone 5. (I mark each piece with the clay I use because I use several) I also use cone 10 and cone 10 for wood.. I actuallmade these before I hade the cone 10 in the studio..
  2. B Mix Cone 5-6

    I recently included a small piece of bmix cone 5 in a wood kiln firing to cone 11. It came out and looked fine. Is this normal?
  3. I have converted an old electric 7 cu ft to downdraft gas. I have built the chimney inside and was wondering if it is large enough? it is 3" x 6" 18ci. The burners are 2 Ransom b3's in 4" holes. I suppose that means a 24" ci flue?