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  1. Thanks for reminding me of what purpose I want to accomplish. In short, my target is to know what's the way to have that effect. Of course, I now have many different answers and worth one shot. For me, there're two barriers I need to fix up. The first one is clay. I don't have that kind of red clay, I would plan to add some sand with clay and mingle them together, in just general conversation, I would add some iron oxide too from suggestions in order to have dots after firing. The second is the glaze and the engobe. I would try them on both.
  2. Hi Oldlady, you're right. I'm from China, a freshman for ceramic. I bought this bowl from Japan and would like to make some tableware in the style. The word" engobe" was searching from the internet, some Japanese potter applies to the pottery and burned with the clay in 800'c. So the definition of this word is a white or color slip applied to clay as coated.
  3. This picture is from the inner of this bowl.
  4. So, the white part of the upper of the bowl may cover a layer of engobe, then overlayed the clear glaze above.
  5. Thanks,Min. Your suggest expanding my horizon. My other question is , can the magnesium glaze cover the salient dots from the body?
  6. Hi, below is the bowl I start to make, I thought the up part is applied by engobe. I'm trying to search some of the engobe recipes from the internet. I don't find it, so here, who can offer me the steady recipe? Many thanks.
  7. Hi Everyone, I would like to make some designs for this effect. That's a new starting for me. I don't know what the real it is for that dots in the surface. Is that Red Iron Oxide? In Clay or In Glaze? I fund a video from Youtube to tell me how to mix the clay with Red Iron Oxide, but it was not very clear, not shown the whole process. The recipe from that video is 25% red iron oxide and mix with red clay of 75%, my question is how to mix them? Thanks for any kind of help.
  8. Hi everyone, I found people apply EPK kaolin in most of glaze. May I apply the other's?
  9. Hi everyone, I'm a new guy for glaze making. I'm try to use the lava recipe to my artwork. There's one material named Whiting in the recipe. Who knows the full name in Chemistry. Many thanks. Robin

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