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  1. Coleman has 2 separate glaze books out. I did a workshop from him a few years ago. I seriously doubt he uses any commercial glazes at all.
  2. My wheel head bearings went out a few years ago. Not that in your case? If I had to replace the motor, I'd consider it the time for an upgrade. You'd have to make sure it fit properly and so forth. It might be that a better motor wouldn't cost that much more. Something to consider.
  3. They definitely are still made. I bought a set at the beginning of this thread from them directly. You do have the 4 grooved pulley on the wheel head side, right?
  4. I like the barrel shaped diamond bits when I can find them. They fit over a base like a sandpaper cylinder would. Alternately, whatever diamond grinding bits you can find. Stay away from the cheap chinese stuff. If you play with runny glazes like I do, there's always a pot or 2 that needs a touch up from a run. I like the diamond wheel head attachment if it will reach the glaze run. Meaning it's on the bottom or outside of the foot. Using the dremel, you can't use water on the grinding surface, so I stick a shop vac up tight. Bottom line, I use the dremel a lot.
  5. My question went directly to the guy at Laguna that formulates the clay, I am told. My recycle is largely solid trimmings, very little to no bucket slop. I've had the some of the same bats for more than 15 years, they don't really show any wear on the throwing surface. Hydracal is very hard. It does seem to me that the commercial clay is "tighter" than my recycle. I haven't tried pugging clay right out of the bag. I'd like to hear Mark's opinion on this as well. When I'm pugging clay I typically run the vacuum up past the 15 on the outer dial. Laguna said that their pugmill is 50 HP and they can pull 29 inches of mercury and that a perfect vacuum is 30. That being the case, there has to be some difference in the clay, I think.
  6. Doc I've only used the cotton linters #29. I'm going to make an order next month and at least get a sample of the #87. I'm using about a 25-30% mix, but only mixed by eye. They ship the fiber wet. It does not mold or go funky at all. With as much fiber as I have in the mix, the slip itself will show texture after the fiber burns out. Paper slip is definitely magic for fixing stuff you would otherwise chuck. (I still chuck rim cracks)
  7. I posted a question earlier about my hydrocal bats releasing clay. The 2 commercial clays I use are Amador and Soldate 60. The recycle from those 2 won't cleanly release from the bats even when much drier than you'd expect. The Amador and Soldate will release when the bottoms are still soft. I called Laguna and asked them what they thought about that. Their reply was that their commercial pugmills develop twice the vacuum the Peter Pugger can. Anyone able to fill in the corners of this explanation ? Exactly how would that make a difference? Wouldn't pugging soft and then aging the clay give me about the same thing? I'm mainly pursuing this as an avenue to learning something about clay. I have perfectly fine uses for the recycle clay in throwing large pots that are wired off and handbuilding.
  8. I can't even tell you how in love I am with this stuff. I've never had it spoil. I can reattach bisque pieces that fall off. I use it for all slip work always. https://www.twinrockerhandmadepaper.com/showprod.php?dept=Pulp&grp=Twinrocker+Pulp&prod=Ready-to-use-pulp
  9. I'm 90 degree days from June to September. Love it. Throw in the morning, trim in the afternoon. Work in my studio, no shirt, no shoes, HF fan blasting. Cactus Pots.
  10. All my throwing is on Hydrocal bats. Hydrocal (hydrostone?) is much less absorbent than pottery plaster. The 2 smallest size bats ride on the adapter plate pins without any fuss, but the larger sizes wobble on the pins of the wheelhead. I just take a little slip from the throwing bucket and make 2 little piles opposite the pins on the wheel head. Then I just slowing revolve the bat and whack it with my fist to even it out. It's now stuck so well I have a special tool to release it. Easily center 25 lbs. Here's one of my favorite movie drops... The Matrix Keymaster says "Always another way".
  11. I haven't seen the BBC pottery throwdown. I've been wondering when or how they would get to that. The fact that our production isn't accomplished in one sitting had to be a challenge for the producers. I don't really know where to find BBC in general. I'll go looking though. I just love the general concept of "show me your chops". The thought process in creativity is never so on display as these shows. Sometimes the artists had a preconceived general concept and sometimes, you can see the spontaneity of the creation. Some of these people are so creative they can be challenged well outside their "comfort zones" and still kick ass. Very impressive.
  12. Even thought TV is mostly a wasteland, there is an increasingly interesting trend. I think started by the cooking shows, "competitive creativity" is branching out. Last night I watched about 4 episodes of a contest of glass blowers on Netflix. I regularly watch Forged in Fire, Ink Master and occasionally Chopped. I think all art forms are related on some level and have found them instructive for my own. Besides the technical aspects, these shows highlight and to some degree feature the personalities of the contestants. While I mute and fast forward through the petty bickering of the tattoo artists, the knife makers are without exception gentlemen in the best sense.
  13. You do know about Freeform Clay, right? Richard is the Clay Daddy to us all.
  14. This might or might not pertain to your problem with Laguna. I've called them 4 or 5 times now about the issue I had with my belts. Never failed to speak with someone in their tech support. When dealing with an auto attendant voicemail, I usually "zero out". If you speak to someone, they can find you a person. If you make a choice off the tree, you might get a mailbox no one checks. This is the world I escaped from this year. I programmed these things since they came into common use.
  15. If you call Laguna directly, you can ask for tech support on the Pacifica wheel.
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