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  1. Hi everyone, Kind of newbie here: I have taken some basic ceramic classes in the past, but now I'm getting back into it (yay). I discovered that I really enjoy working with porcelain, specifically making porcelain jewelry. I have a question concerning this matter (sorry if it’s a stupid question – I’m still very much in the learning process) I want to try and stain porcelain clay bodies (I was thinking about mason stains, though they are quite hard to find here in Belgium). I really like the look of unglazed porcelain, but I was wondering if it’s safe to use the stained porcelain on the skin if it’s unglazed (twice fired (bisque and cone 6), but unglazed). I don’t know whether some of the toxic materials in the stains can transfer to the skin and cause irritation (or other unwanted reactions). Thank you in advance for clarifying this for me! Eva PS: sorry if my English sounds a bit off - I'm not a native speaker.
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