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  1. Foot pedal was fine, everything connected & surprisingly clean. A friend of mine that's familiar with motors thinks it's the brushes. I'm contacting Shimpo. Thanks for your help.
  2. I unscrewed the connection to the wheel and reconnected. I did not remove the bottom plate of the foot pedal & did not realize there was one until your post. What should I look for?
  3. Thanks to all! I will call Link at Kentucky Mudworks tomorrow where I purchased, she may have run across this and I know she has contacts at Shimpo. I really appreciate your input!
  4. I tried after your post, but it won't go. The second time I gave it juice it reversed directions (no prompt from me) & sounded like brushes rubbing against metal, very strange. The third time - nothing.
  5. I have two VL Whispers in two different cities. I love them but they both have issues. The one I use the most was made in 2006 so I've probably had it close to that long with no issues. This morning I press the pedal & it does nothing. Checked all connections, turn on & off and it works until I stop the pedal, then nothing. A couple of times it sounded like something was brushing the wheel then stopped as the speed was increased. A couple of times it started going the opposite direction (without switching) very slowly - yikes. I went through this this several times to complete a bit of work to finish a commission but I don't think it will miraculously fix itself. My other Whisper does a similar thing in that the pedal won't make the wheel turn, except with this one I just turn it on and off at the switch and it works & has done that for years. It does not reverse itself & it does not give me the brushing sound. Any ideas?? Thanks!
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