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  1. Thanks Neil, That's some great advice. I think I have decided to throw in another $300 and get a new one. I can't see paying $600-$700 for a used wheel. Now I just need to decide brand and model. Lori
  2. Rockhopper, Thank you so much for the advise and input. I will most definitely change the subject line. I have been wary about buying a used wheel. I knew to look at the power cord, the housing and around the bat pins for excessive rust and such,a but with the advise you gave I now have an idea how to do a test run on the wheel itself.
  3. Thank you do much. There is so much info out there, it's making my head spin..lol
  4. Not sure of the brand I used, it was a beginners class I took in the park last Spring. But I think it was a portable or tabletop model, it weighted about 30 pounds. So for long term use it would be better to purchase a workstation type model? I have seen some for about $700-$800. I appreciate your input. I will do some research on the models you suggested and figure out what will fit my needs best. Lori
  5. Hello, Thank you very much for answering. I thought about buying a good solid used wheel just not real sure. I saw a Shimpo Aspire but not sure it has the power I want. Are you partial to any one brand? Lori
  6. Hello all, I have always loved working with clay. There is nothing more relaxing than the feel of the clay in my hands. I have made the decision to purchase a pottery wheel and start throwing clay in my garage. I was looking for some input about wheels. What brand is better for a novice? For my first wheel I want to spend about $600-$800 dollars. I want to make a good choice and looking for some advice. I look forward to hearing everyone's input. Lori
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