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  1. JSmithCanvasNClay

    Sculpture Firing

    Thank you Neil. I’m experimenting with colors and texture. As I am using a studio kiln, results aren’t revealed for weeks. As you can imagine, this really puts the breaks on future work! I have a show in April and would like to complete as many pieces as possible. I hope to have a kiln by spring...
  2. JSmithCanvasNClay

    Sculpture Firing

    Liam, do you recommend any particular clay? I currently finishing up two types of cone6 clay, BMix and a brown that’s full of grog. I’ve been experimenting with underglaze, black washes, and touching up with acrylic. My goal is going for depth, muted colors, saving time and $...
  3. JSmithCanvasNClay

    Sculpture Firing

    Is it necessary to fire to sculpture to vitrification? If firing to cone4, will the sculpture be too fragile? I don't always glaze my items and detail with acrylic paints and don't want to take short cuts in firing to save money, if the pieces should be vitrified.

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