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  1. Skip

    Err 1

    Awesome, thanks so much!! I really appreciate your help.
  2. Skip

    Err 1

    Thank you both. This is all new to me so I appreciate your valuable insight. Do I need to hold at cone 04 for a certain amount of time?
  3. Skip

    Err 1

    After a long absence due to medical reasons I am now in the process of changing the elements. The elements took hours to remove since they were brittle and came out in one inch sections or less most of the time. I am shocked they were still in one piece and could fire at all. I think I have finally gotten to the bottom of the problem. I will do a bisque fire tomorrow unless there is some procedure I should undergo since my elements are brand new. I also have replaced the relays and the thermocouples. I hope the kiln works after all of this.
  4. The bowl in the back is mine. What is your clay short refer to?
  5. LT, While Since I am making ragged rims now I may try to make one tonight to see if I can get it all the way around the bowl. As you said, when I know more I may want this to happen. Right now I am working on smooth lines, thinner bases, and symmetry.
  6. Pres, that certainly could be. I’ll have to see tonight if that is happening.
  7. Mark, thanks so much for your advice. I have definitely not been compressing my lip after each upward pull.
  8. Jeff, I am being pretty careful not to let the clay fold over, but I appreciate the thought and will double check when I clay tonight to make sure I am not doing this.
  9. Johnny, that is a great idea. I had to crop the picture, I just installed a photo resize so now more of the bowl can be seen. I wish the “problem” circled the whole rim but it does not. I may still fire it with the castle wall motif, but since it does not I may try to trim it to even out the bowl. I am still very new to this, but I absolutely love attempting pottery.
  10. No the lip of the rim is splitting as I pull it up and out. I agree with what the others have said that I am not compressing the rim and I am definitely going too fast.
  11. Thanks to both of you for your help. I will try what you suggest.
  12. I tried attaching a picture but the draconian size limit has defeated me. Let me give it another go. Thanks for your help by the way.
  13. I am fairly new to pottery, and I am having an issue. When I throw a bowl about half the time the rim is split and jagged. What am I doing wrong?
  14. I was going to delete this since I resolved the issue. I’m not sure how to delete it or if that is even an option.
  15. The new thermocouples I bought are slightly longer than the ones I am replacing. Should I extend them slightly out the back of the holder, add washers to increase the outside clearance, or is it okay for them to touch the end of the sleeve they are in?
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