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  1. I was going to delete this since I resolved the issue. I’m not sure how to delete it or if that is even an option.
  2. The new thermocouples I bought are slightly longer than the ones I am replacing. Should I extend them slightly out the back of the holder, add washers to increase the outside clearance, or is it okay for them to touch the end of the sleeve they are in?
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    I’ll order some more tomorrow and wire it all back up when they arrive. Thanks so much for your help Neil. I’ll keep throwing pottery in the meantime.
  4. Skip

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    Could this be the issue? I have nothing to go by, so I would love for others to way in, but these could be the problem I am having.
  5. Skip

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    Thanks for the vote of confidence! I’ll see what I can do.
  6. Skip

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    Neilestrick, thank you so much for this informatuion. I had no idea about the ability to see the total number of firings. I know the elements were replaced two years ago so I don’t think it will be able to give me the number I need, but it will still be interesting to see the total number of firings. I plan on tracking future firings in the way that you indicate. I have a multi-meter on the way from Amazon, so that will give me lots of good info when it arrives. I have the original manual so that is also a help. I will find a good kiln tech if I can’t easily detect and correct the problem myself. I wish you were closer to me. I am in Maryland, and it looks like you are in Illinois.
  7. Skip

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    Hitchmss, Thanks so much for your reply. I used the quick-fire slow glaze cone 6 program so no worries on that account. The literature says it should fire in 7.53 hours but that may be lengthened by a full kiln, but certainly not to 13 hours with an error message thrown in. I have a multi-meter on the way from Amazon and will check the elements’ resistance when it comes. The kiln was wired by a master electrician who did it to code with 6 gauge wire into a 60 amp breaker, so that is not the issue. The idea of a local kiln repair technician is a good idea, but obviously will cost a bit. You get what you pay for though, and in the same vein as hiring an electrician to wire the kiln, this may be the way to go. I will definitely call the tecnician if the coil test you suggest and the multi-meter testing don’t turn up an easy to fix problem, and may call one in either case since I am new to this. I am excited to have a home studio. I am enjoyong reading Hesselberth’s book Mastering Cone 6 Glazes.
  8. Skip

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    I recently acquired a used 15 year old or so L&L E23t (2.5 inch brick) kiln with a Dynatrol. I have done three bisque fires (cone 06) and three slow glaze fires (cone 6). The bisque fires have gone well but the glaze firings took 9 hours (with just test tiles since I mixed my own glaze), 10.5 hours (with 8 pieces inside) and 13 hours with an error message and stopped program with a full kiln. The max temp reached in the last firing was 2150 or so. I did a paper test and all the elements are working. The person I bought the kiln from said that the elements were two years old. I am brand new to the pottery world so I did not think to ask how many times it had been fired. Should I change elements, relays, and thermocouples to get a fresh start or is there another reason that I am having trouble hitting the top temp? Any insight would be great.

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