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  1. StudentMolly

    Help with Clear cone 10 and cone 6

    I have not used glaze formulation software yet. the most I have learned about glaze is how to mix it, so anything can help. How do I know if it's a transparent base? We have Leaches transparent, but it fires white and blue (over black slip) or a JK 20 White?
  2. StudentMolly

    Help with Clear cone 10 and cone 6

    Thank you, both! I guess the qualities I am searching for are gloss, and a nice thick clear glaze, but stable enough that it won't run too much.
  3. Hello, All! I am looking for info on favorite and best clear glazes to use with slip decorations at cone 10, and favorites to use with underglaze at cone 6 on porcelain slip! any and all help is appreciated. I am in my senior year of my ceramics undergrad, so photos of results could be super beneficial because I am not 100% certain of the properties I desire as of just yet. Thank you in advance!

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