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  1. Apocalypticamerica

    Slip reclaim

    We do have a system in place for drying, reclaiming, and disposing, but I'm simply trying to avoid the disposing if it's at all possible it can be used by someone else. We're all about sustainability here.
  2. Apocalypticamerica

    Slip reclaim

    Of course. We are in Oakland, CA
  3. Apocalypticamerica

    Slip reclaim

    At our studio, we do primarily slip casting. I make a large barrel of slip about once a week, and I use 120-150lbs of reclaim in addition to 250# of new clay. We're always striving to have better success rates, but the reclaim often adds up and I can't keep up with it. I'm throwing away a couple hundred pounds today and our barrels still have another 400-500# left. This is a red low-fire clay. I don't think it will work for reconstituting as throwing or sculpting body, as I've had bad results doing so myself, but I may be doing it wrong. I also don't have the time or much desire to do so. Would this be of any value to other artists? Asking here before I spend the time posting on Craigslist.
  4. Apocalypticamerica

    Amaco Palladium on mugs

    Yea, I gave a few to a friend to re-purpose as planters in her yard.
  5. Apocalypticamerica

    Amaco Palladium on mugs

    I'm going to toss a large majority of the unsafe ones. I don't really trust them to not be used down the line if I hand them out to friends. If it had been less work, I wouldn't have thought twice about it, but it was almost two full kiln loads worth of pots.
  6. Apocalypticamerica

    Amaco Palladium on mugs

    *sigh* I guess it's time to face the music. I already knew the answer, I guess I just needed to hear some other people say it.
  7. Apocalypticamerica

    Amaco Palladium on mugs

    From what I've read, the thing is acidic food can leach the metals. So my thinking was, for bowls/cups on which I've only used a spot of Palladium on the bottom, it could be used for water only?
  8. Apocalypticamerica

    Amaco Palladium on mugs

    I knew my Amaco Blue Midnight glaze was food safe, but I since I'm a big dummy I forgot to check the label and layered quite a bit of dinnerware with Palladium over it. I now see it's not food safe. I obviously am not going to give out any of these, but I'm wondering if some of the pieces with just a little on the rim might be in the realm of "safe enough" to use on my own, with caution?
  9. Apocalypticamerica

    Slip Casting - need help please

    I do a low-fire terra cotta slip, so I can't speak to your cone 10 slip, but I use both Sodium Silicate and Darvan. Both are important to get the correct viscosity - if you use just one you will approach over-deflocculation. How long are you mixing for? When I make a fresh batch of slip, I make sure it mixes for a minimum of 6 hrs before casting. Any time after that, if I adjust deflocculants, a minimum of one hour before casting. I know this is difficult if you don't have an industrial mixer though. Final thought: if your results are coming through bisque fine, maybe you don't have anything to worry about? It's hard to give advice without final results.
  10. Apocalypticamerica

    NEED ALL-AROUND CONE 5 CLAY: high school teacher

    Yea, just to echo everyone else, it sounds like you might like B-Mix w/grog. I throw the speckled buff that you've tried, and have recently started throwing with Quyle Sandstone Buff as well, which I find to be kind of similar but much lighter in color. It do think it has just a bit more tooth. I like that it's a local California clay. Quyle describes it as being good for the classroom, for what it's worth.
  11. Apocalypticamerica

    About slip casting

    This is true. There are lots of considerations here as well - what kind of clay you are casting, what the viscosity/deflocculant level is, how large the mold is, how thick you're casting it, etc. I do slip casting as my primary business and we cast 2x a day, but our molds are quite large and we cast a terra cotta that can be quite finicky. When I cast B-mix in smaller molds, I'm sure I could do 3 or 4 casts a day.
  12. I have fired quite a few pieces with that same speckled buff to ^6, with beautiful results. In fact, I actually like that it comes out a little lighter buff color. I suppose I should mention; I'm firing oxidation. Can't speak to results with reduction.

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