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  1. Thank you Liam and Arnold, that must be it!
  2. Hi! I have never had to do any work on my kiln (or any kiln) and am having an issue. I have a Skutt KM 1218-3 single phase and it was basically new when I got it a few years back. We just moved and installed my kiln in a building in the backyard. We had to upgrade our electrical service and had an electrician come out to run the power to the shed. The thermocouple basically disintegrated so my husband replaced that just last week. I did a test bisque fire to cone 04 and that ran about an hour longer than usual but all was fine. Then a small test glaze fire to cone 5 and that was normal time. So I loaded it up pretty full and did another cone 5 glaze fire and it took 12 hours! The most a full load has ever taken was about 8.5 hrs and I've had this kiln for almost 3 years. It does have one spirally element that has been pinned, and it was like that when I got it and fired fine. I'm not sure where to start looking for the problem. Help!
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