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  1. Rasa Clay Works

    Between Two Wheels

    We have a Bailey Pro XL, and dislike it. We replaced it with a Skutt Premium for throwing, and delegated the Bailey to mostly trimming. The head isn't removable for cleaning. While it's supposed to be easier to clean, I think a removal bin is easier than the mopping and emptying of the waste bucket. Hard to get your hands in around the wheel. If you level the head, the water doesn't flow to the drain on the bin. The lift up door hits the shelf, so its difficult to get on and off. The particle board "ergo shelf" is already losing its finish from cleaning. The shelf is really flimsy. The wheel is attached to the particle board floor and splash shield, not the steel frame. Even if I take out the set screw, I cannot remove the head. I realized this because I wanted to move the head down a couple of inches, or the bin up a couple inches and can do neither. The motor is half the size of the Skutt. However the floor pedal is really nice and I appreciate a reverse switch that's pretty easy to access. Score for Bailey! Using a Giffin Grip with it throws the trims all over the studio, while if I use the Skutt I can put a couple boards under the bin, and raise the bin to catch all the trimmings flying of the Grip. "Shoulda bought a Skutt" is the joke in the studio every time someone complains!
  2. This makes you sound disgruntled, as though you would seek the credentials if you felt or were empowered thus. personally I have no art papers nor have ever been limited due to that. Still, those who committed and have gone that route often have insights worth learning from. Just as those of us who have learned via mentors and self learning also have insights to share. The main concept is to not close off to learning regardless of it avenue. Imo
  3. I don’t think learning is about a piece of paper (though access to good teachers who can afford to teach often ends in attaining a piece of paper) but it is always wise to learn from others with more experience.
  4. Rasa Clay Works

    Carbon Footprint of Wood Fired vs Electric

    When calculating the carbon footprint of the firing, I think we should add in the caloric value of human effort!
  5. Rasa Clay Works

    Carbon Footprint of Wood Fired vs Electric

    This young kid thing keeps coming up.... a needed part? Being two old ladies in the woods makes that electric kiln look better!
  6. Rasa Clay Works

    Carbon Footprint of Wood Fired vs Electric

    Wow! Do you have any photos you can share?
  7. Rasa Clay Works

    Carbon Footprint of Wood Fired vs Electric

    Thanks for your replies! We have deep romanticism for a wood fired kiln. Especially the concept of salt firing with gathered beach wood - dreams of indigenous / localized art! Architecture! Hand built! Engineering! Renee would love to simplify her glazes with a solid fuel ^10, and rely on fire and ash + reduction instead of the crazy chemistry stuff we're doing with the electric at ^6. Its fun, but all the fluxes can get complicated. However, like Min has mentioned - many customers in our area are very green. (You've heard the rumors about Portland, OR, right? They're true!) Guaranteed we will get this question often in our demographic, and it needs to be thoroughly researched and done with sustainability in mind. The idea of a per piece footprint would be the holy grail here if we could offer it. Thank you all for the input and the direction in research it is sending us. That article from Min is a tremendous resource! I'll run some numbers...
  8. Our little pottery studio is wrestling with the idea of a wood fired kiln. Many of our friends use them with great success - but the amount of work and wood is phenomenal. Is it truly the holy grail of firing? Luckily, our electrical is hydro here on the Oregon Coast, and quite inexpensive per KW/hr and environmentally low impact (except the salmon!). But there's a lot wood here too! Yet, burning bans exist for a minimum of 3 months in the Summer - and being in the middle of a forest, sparks can be a very scary thing. How could we not fire for 3 months? Also, due to the climate change happening in our environment - I think a carbon footprint calculation is in order. Not only for our living, but in our firing to offer to our customers. How many trees did that pot require? How can it be mitigated? Can this footprint be handed off to the end consumer without discussing its environmental impact and mitigation? With the new control systems available now for maximum efficiency in electric kilns, we can calculate cost per firing. Ramps and off hour peaks can be calculated in for even more efficiency. We just ordered a new Skutt 1027 with their new wi-fi controller, and envirovent system. I am looking forward to the monitoring and calculations it offers. We spray our glazes, and mix them (sometimes up to 5 different ones) for interesting patinas that can normally only be accomplished in solid fuel kilns. It's a fun attempt at working the electric! I would love to hear peoples thoughts on the benefits of wood fire vs gas and electric.
  9. Rasa Clay Works

    temp for opening kiln?

    Our impatience is usually kept by our firing schedule with our electric kiln. If we spend the day firing - hit cone before bedtime. We let it cool while we sleep. In the morning it's less than 200 degrees, and yes - it's just like Christmas! We can't even drink a cup of coffee before we run to the kiln in the morning...
  10. Rasa Clay Works

    Skutt Kiln S/S rings reattaching

    Did you do it with the bricks and elements still together (in place)? I'm a bit concerned about whapping it too hard as it all seems very fragile now. I found some carbide bits - we live so remotely that without Amazon, we would spend the day driving to the store and back.
  11. My partner is the educated potter at Rasa Clay Works - I am but her assistant, but my background in architecture and cinematography gives me some insight I may be able to share here. In todays world, everyone is very empowered. We have social media to receive love as artists, and easy access. We collect likes as meaning. The newbie cinematographers are very excited! But they don't have the knowledge and experience - yet. Enthusiasm is worth so much in the arts - it can propel one to learn at speeds that can bypass MFA's! But what always bothers the oldtimers & the educated is entitlement. One cannot be at the end in the beginning! If the newbie is open to learning, they prime that pump the oldtimer has - and are a joy to share with. If they are competitive and feel they are amazing, well - it breeds contempt. The part that should always be remembered is one doesn't know what they don't know, and the one with experience can see it as plain as day. If thats not humbling, I don't know what is! So be respectful to all the people who worked hard for their degrees and have devoted their life to their art. Learn from them. Be inspired by them - and appreciative of anything they are willing to offer.
  12. Rasa Clay Works

    Skutt Kiln S/S rings reattaching

    Strength! That's what's missing!
  13. Rasa Clay Works

    Small Bowl

    I like this shot! Such tension with the simplicity of form!
  14. Rasa Clay Works

    Skutt Kiln S/S rings reattaching

    I agree with you Mark - this is a really poor way to design these. I tried some used cobalt bits without luck - including a new non-cobalt. I'll purchase some more and see if I can get it to punch a hole at all - it does seem to have gotten harder with heat and age. But currently, I can't even move it until I do something! Thanks for the input.
  15. We have an old 1027 Skutt. We picked it up used, replaced a heating element and have used it for 10 firings or so. The other day, on a cone 6 firing, one of the stainless steel straps broke free of the fire brick (The hose clamp straps spot welds broke) and it almost hit one of us when we were checking the pyrometer! It was a huge stress having a broken kiln at 2000. It also messed up a few of our bowls with kiln brick debris that got trapped in the wet glaze. We flexed the credit card and ordered a new one - but we have 4 more weeks of wait, and we would like to figure out how to fix this! As you probably realize, we can't get the stainless off without pulling the electrical boxes off the side and disconnecting all the heating elements. We tried drilling into the stainless with 5 different bits, some brand new - and could only get a scratch on it. Does stainless get harder with heat?? All of the rings are flaky - too. Surprised we hadn't noticed this before! To bind it - there's electrical boxes in the way to get strapping around it. We feel like we need to fix it to even give it to Habitat for Humanity (Re-Store) to some level - even to move it. Has anyone come across this issue in a repair?

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