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  1. So I just learned that I need to change the elements in the kiln, so that it can fire properly with 208v. which will cost $400. The question I have now, is that whether or not I should keep the kiln as is, and fire really low fire stuff: Cone 4. What is your experience with low fire clays and glazes?
  2. Thank you so much for the feed back. It's been really helpful! Though I might still have the problems you mentioned. I just learned that I'm only getting 208v and my kiln is 240v. I have it hooked up at my brother's warehouse, but learned that commercial buildings are only wired for 208v. That is something I cannot change. So the kiln is working at 85.6% capacity. The question I have now is weather or not I can just have the kiln heat longer for it to reach temperature? What is the math on that? Mind The other question I have, is that has anyone been able to convert a 240 v plug into 2 x120 plugs? I saw it done online. But is this a safe thing to do?
  3. That’s really great advice!! I will turn it on high today...
  4. I just bought a used Cress kiln that doesn’t fire to temperature. Did a glaze fire today. 1 hr low , 2 hr medium, 6 hrs high. From noon to nine. Oven is not reaching cone 6. Stand up cones have not bent, sitter doesn’t shut off. Turned oven off with breaker again. I guess it’s ok, as long as the pots look ok? i think it fires to cone 04 fine. Meaning, the sitter shut off with a cone o4. And it fired to cone 6 once when I was testing the kiln and sitter when it was empty. I’m hoping to buy a standalone controller, but that probably won’t change how hot the kiln goes....but should I just accept that my kiln just won’t fire to temperature. What else can I do? It’s a kiln that’s only supposed to fire to cone 6. I actually had it fire for 16 hrs by accident, not knowing that it wouldn’t reach temperature. The pots seem to look fine after firing. Should I be worried about anything.
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