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  1. Most things fire about cone 6 why would this one only go to cone 8 I’m feeling a bit frustrated.
  2. It says to not operate over cone 8 so I’m trying to figure out if it will work I have low fire clay.
  3. I’m hoping to go cone 5-6 and it’s a Gare Kiln 810 it has a regular outlet plug in. The inside is bigger than a dinner plate. And I like the turning off and on to ramp up. It came with several small cone boxes from 018 to 06 and the clay I want to use is cone 05-06 so I’m hoping it works. Thank you for the great info and ideas!
  4. Thank you so much! Very helpful and yes it is a small kiln I bought for $25 and I am very excited to get started but was worried about it only having 1 switch.
  5. This is the kiln sitter with the 1 and only on switch it’s a Gar 810
  6. I just bought a Gare mini kiln with a kiln sitter but the instructions are for a standard size kiln with 4 switches and mine has only 1 I plugged it in and it heats up but unsure how to operate it to get it up to temp. I plan to use it for clay jewelry. Any help is appreciated I tried to up load photos but said not allowed
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