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  1. liambesaw

    Waterslide decal paper

    There are other ways too. You can buy a glass etching stencil kit like this: http://www.glass-etching-kits.com/mark_440.htm And use it with glazes and underglazes (instead of acid paste). It's a bit like screen printing but on a smaller scale and the stencils can be used over and over. Might take some additional steps in the beginning, but I personally would steer clear of both legal troubles and giving money to a business like that.
  2. liambesaw

    Sulpure free clay

    I personally wouldn't fire a kiln in my house, too many other nasties to worry about than sulphur.
  3. liambesaw

    Kiln not reaching temperature

    Why not both? Use your kiln at a lower cone until it needs new elements? Btw here is a good article on kiln power: http://www.bigceramicstore.com/info/ceramics/kiln_power.html
  4. liambesaw

    Kiln not reaching temperature

    Usually 120v outlets are chained and on a light amperage breaker. So you'd probably end up just throwing the breaker every time it fired up (good result), or having the wires catch on fire (worst result).
  5. liambesaw

    How to measure out chemicals for glazing

    So weird, that recipe calls it "engine" instead of "engobe" like 3 or 4 times. I think someone went a little crazy with the spell checker. Lots of flux in that bad boy, wonder what the reason for using borax is.
  6. liambesaw

    How to measure out chemicals for glazing

    Whoopsies, I had a 50:50 chance there, I dont mix for brushing and my hydrometer is made for alcohol, I do two ticks up from 'table wine' or 2 ticks down from 'beer'. There is a video somewhere on CAD about making your own from a water bottle and some BBs. Any port in a storm I suppose.
  7. When I was growing up I had the chance to attend a really special pilot school focused on arts, I was exposed to a lot of things that normal schools and normal kids aren't and I found that really helpful. I'm now an adult and very high functioning and I really credit a lot of my success in life to that school and my exposure and encouragement to working with my hands. Throwing clay is therapeutic and eases the soul, anxieties become trivial and the environment I'm in has less urgency. Thanks for helping these guys and introducing them to something they can focus their energy on. It may become a life long passion or unlock pathways for their future development. You are a great person!
  8. liambesaw

    How to measure out chemicals for glazing

    The gravity depends on how it's used and your preference. Brushing glazes are thicker, like 1.4-1.5, dipping are thinner, 1.6-1.75
  9. liambesaw

    Hudson River Clay

    My ceramics store has synthetic black iron oxide and magnetite. They're chemically the same I suppose, but the synthetic has a finer particle size and is 99.9% pure whatever that means. I know some friends who use granulated magnetite as a speckling agent in their clay bodies. I use the synthetic for glazes and slips because it's super fine powder.
  10. Wow what a great story of appreciating moments and not letting little things get you down. I have a hard time with that myself, one bad thing and the whole day is ruined sometimes. Refreshing to see a story where the opposite happens!
  11. liambesaw

    Faux Salt Glaze Texture Cone 5/6

    I've had a recipe I added too much zircopax to go orange peel, but that's just unhealed bubbles that popped
  12. http://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/profile/1954-marcia-selsor/?do=content&type=gallery_image&change_section=1
  13. liambesaw

    Help needed to identify a mark

    Where did you buy it, where do you live?

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