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  1. liambesaw

    Kiln failing to reach cone6

    Replace coils, i only say that because you inherited it and it's been working for 3 years. The parts of the coils lighting up means that electricity it making it out of the control box.
  2. I think the elephant in the room might be your chipmunk and bat infestation
  3. liambesaw

    Wedging Question

    Have them also slap center before turning on the wheel as well, that's slapping it with opposing hands toward center and into a cone, while spinning about 20 degrees with each slap. It's cuts the centering fight for beginners to basically nothing and works really good for non beginners for helping centering large amounts of clay as well. Used to be a challenge to center 10lbs now it's as simple as 3.
  4. liambesaw

    Majolica Clay Body

    Well in that case we don't have enough information. What is your glaze recipe, what cone does it fire to
  5. liambesaw

    Majolica Clay Body

    Well I think traditionally majolica is a tin glazed earthenware, I've seen mostly a red body. So maybe aim for a red earthenware? I think most people refer to majolica as just tin with painted glazes, not sure the body is too important since it's all covered in thick white glaze
  6. I have a laundry sink that empties into a 20 gallon tote. It is great, and I use the settled water from the tote for throwing and cleaning. I also cannot plumb my studio, it's a shed. That laundry sink also doubles as my wedging table with the addition of a 24x24 inch piece of plywood on top.
  7. liambesaw

    Electric Reduction Firing

    I've seen italian potters firing electric kilns in reduction by introducing a sugar-alcohol mixture towards the end of a majolica firing. Looked messy though, not something I'd want to do.
  8. Situate everything with cleanliness in mind. You will be cleaning every day so you might as well make it easy for yourself to do. My wheel and stool are on a plastic mat. My surfaces are all 24x24 inch plywood that I can take outside easily and hose off. My reclaim container is right outside of my studio. My tools are attached to a mag strip next to my wheel. I have a bucket of "clean" water next to my wheel that is separate from my throwing water, this is the water I use to clean my hands and sponge down my wheel\pan. A couple of towel hooks on the bucket. I'm just a super lazy person so I know if I don't make it easy for myself to clean it won't happen. Something to consider. I had to reorganize the whole setup a few months in because it just wasn't intuitive. I think most people have that sort of period.
  9. liambesaw

    Wedging Question

    I wedge everything, it's too stiff from the bag and lots of times not homogeneous. I do about half a bag at a time because my wedging board is tiny, otherwise I'd do the whole bag. I can tell a big difference between straight from bag and spiral wedged. I can even tell if I spiral wedge and put my ball on upside down. I prefer to prepare my clay well instead of fighting it on the wheel.
  10. liambesaw

    Adding handle to cup

    Never had success with that, haha. If I accidentally let them go too dry I toss them in the reclaim bucket. It's a mug, it takes a minute, maybe two to make.
  11. liambesaw

    Studio Photography

    Yeah I originally bought the setup for taking pictures of shrimp that are less than a half inch in size. Need to be quick and bright for that. I wish I had a flash, but I don't, so well lit with a gradient is all I can manage.
  12. liambesaw

    Shimpo wheel

    Heh, well mine has a cone AND a belt, so yes.
  13. liambesaw

    Shimpo wheel

    What shimpo is it? If it's an rk it has a cone and wheel. In that case you'll need to flip it on it's side and adjust the pedal bar forward.
  14. liambesaw

    Studio Photography

    I have an old rebel eos and it takes shots just fine. I got it like 10 years ago for 500, so I'm betting you can grab one for 20 bucks now. The 100mm f/2.8 probably still costs another 500 though. Love the camera, love the lens. Spend a little cash on your photo box and a nice gradient backdrop. They make some pretty decent boxes with built in diffused lighting now.
  15. Depends, some use iron, some use manganese, some use both. I'm guessing it's the sand if it's actual sand and not grog. That stuff can be brutal on the hands.

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