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  1. There are 4 kiln they are using same raw material this kiln create these kind of problems also the problem is fluctuating by hours and hours is getting well or worse when i look kiln temperature and CO value there is no significant differance soaking time 2 hours i cant understand gas bubble is coming from body or from glaze or generating in the kiln .May the CO reduction region cause this problem I try many things no exact solution
  2. Kiln time 5 hours 15 dk reduction start 1190 celcius degree biscuit temperature 980 celcius degree
  3. I have got problem on the white hard porcelain ware .there is one or more bubbles on glaze .It is fired CO atmosphere .It is not pinholes.But the other kiln products are ok.I made many trials for this kiln.Unfortunatelly I havent got exact solution for this defect sometimes it is decreasing sometimes it is increasing I didn't find the reason Is there any body to give advise?
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