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  1. Thank you everyone for all of the help. So, during the test fire the kiln report up to 1534 and then the FTL code came on and stalled out the heating process. I will now start checking the relays, thermocouplers and elements(although the repair tech supposedly already did this). To provide more information. I am running the kiln from a subpanel in my garage. The garage subpanel is fed with buried 4 gauge aluminum. The kiln circuit breaker is 40 amp. The wiring to the kiln receptacle is 6 gauge aluminum. The receptacle is 50 amp. The receptacle is less than 4 feet from the subpanel. I will use a multimeter to see what kind of juice I am actually receiving. Thanks.l
  2. Neilestrick, thank you for this very helpful response. I talked to my friend and I guess the repair person already checked the elements and relays and thermocouplers and they are good. I just changed out the circuit breaker to 40 amps and the wiring is 6 guage, so that is good. I just started up another test fire; it is not a custom program just a slow test fire. I will update when I know more. Thanks!
  3. Thank you. I didn't realize Sentry was the type of controller. Yes, the wiring is sufficient for 40 amps or more(the wire is 6 gauge aluminum). Thanks.
  4. Hi, I am helping a ceramicist friend who recently bought a used Paragon Sentry 2.0 kiln. I am by no means an electrician or kiln repair person and so I have some questions. We have done 2 test fires so far and both times the kiln temperature rose steadily and quickly until the FTH code appeared and the temperature stopped climbing and quickly stalled out. A kiln repair person came out and said that the elements are in good order and that it may be an issue of amperage from the panel. We are running the kiln off my garage sub-panel. The kiln is rated at 30 amps and the double breaker feeding the kiln from the sub-panel is also 30 amps. And the breaker feeding the sub-panel from the house is also 30 amps. I have recently learned that code recommends that the circuit breakers be 125% of the required kiln amperage; so in this case the circuit breakers should be at least 37.5. Tomorrow I am going to replace the circuit breakers with 40 or 50 amp breakers. However, would this issue of amperage have caused the FTH code and the stalling out of the heating of the kiln? If it was an issue of amps wouldn't the circuit have simply tripped? What else am I not thinking of/don't know? Thanks!
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