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  1. Portland, Oregon. Moving and downsizing. Entertaining all offers. I have: Motorized Laguna kick wheel $550 Working Skutt 818P kiln $300 Raku kiln with burner $125 Shopping cart raku kiln with shelf $100 Non-working kiln $59 Summit 2 burner unit (no pics) $75 Best to phone me at 503-255-3151 (landline) if interested.
  2. Hi Min, It looks like it's set at 55. I had thought it might be working hard to keep pressure up. It's one of those $80 Harbor Freight specials - all I can afford at the moment. Hey Neil, I don't think it's clogging, as I can switch to a jar of water and get a nice spray right off the bat without cleaning it. I am suspecting I may be thinning too much, as I am getting a lot of settling out of the pigments. May I don't need to thin as much as I have been. You both have given me some things to troubleshoot. Thanks. I'll play around and report back!
  3. Hi ho friends! I'm beginning to explore airbrushing underglazes onto my pieces and while I'm very familiar with underglazes, I'm fairly new to airbrushing. I'm well aware of the safety considerations regarding spraying ceramic materials - I have a mask and a nifty little homemade spray booth, so I'm good there. I'm primarily using the airbrush to blend, so I apply the base colors first, then go back with the airbrush to soften lines. I'm using Amaco Velvets, thinned and put through an 80 mesh screen. Using an inexpensive airbrush from Harbor Freight double action brush that uses a little jar (as opposed to gravity feed). It also has a cup, but I've not used that. Not sure how much to thin or sieve my underglazes, or if there is another airbrush set-up I should use. The biggest issues seem to be keeping the particles suspended and not having a smooth, continuous stream of underglaze. Plain old water goes through just fine. Thanks for any tips/thoughts!
  4. Portland, Oregon Online applications must be submitted by 5:00pm PST on Oct 1st, 2018. Juror: Irene Lawson Cash awards: 3 rd prize:$50, 2 nd prize:$100, 1 st prize:$150 Purchase Awards: • Sidestreet Arts • Pratt & Larson Tile • TBA Application deadline: Online applications must be submitted by 5:00pm PST on Oct 1st, 2018. Exhibition date: Nov 1st – Dec 16th, 2018 Call to Artists: The left coast cup show Give 100 potters each a pound of clay and tell them to make a cup, and you'll end up with 100 different interpretations of what a cup is. The Left Coast Cup Show is a celebration of west coast ceramic artists and what the Cup means to them. From practical and utilitarian, to over-the-top whimsy, to utterly impractical, here's your chance to show us your vision of one of clay's most humble yet intimate forms. Accepted artists may submit up to 5 cups into the show. Open to all ceramic artists in Ca, Or, Wa and Ak Please visit https://www.sidestreetarts.com/call-to-artists.html for prospectus and application.
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