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  1. Daveness

    Metal mold and clay casts

    That’s great. Thanks!
  2. Daveness

    Metal mold and clay casts

    I will try that. I wish I could post a picture of the mold, is that possible on this site? sorry - just joined this morning
  3. Daveness

    Metal mold and clay casts

    Thanks - very interesting.
  4. Hi - I am very new to working with clay. I bought metal tea tsa molds in India and Nepal and would like to make more than one cast every couple of days. I have to push the clay into the mold to get the detail, but then have to wait several days before I can get it out. For release agents; I have tried: corn starch - windex - water - and olive oil. None of them realease the clay easily enough not to distort the cast. Any advise would be appreciated!

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