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  1. sian

    Kiln problem

    Hi, inside the box on the back of the kiln (I can't take photos atm.) There are two sets of elements that we had to replace and they meet in the box at the back with a connector (it was just outside this connector that the elements failed last time). After some research I suspect that it may be the relay switch or thermocouple that we also need to replace - it seems to be firing okay and then the temp will go up really quickly.
  2. sian

    Kiln problem

    Hi, I hope someone can help - we had an error code 1 in our Potclays 230 volt top loading kiln, investigated and found the elements had broken near where they meet at the back. We've replaced the elements but on a test run, where they connect got really hot and melted the connector. They were connected really tightly. Is there something we are missing?

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