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  1. Krispy

    Help to identify

    Havent pulled it out of the car yet BUT heres what I got out of the deal with one unopened box to go.
  2. Krispy

    Help to identify

    Thank you @neilestrick That is extremely helpful!
  3. Krispy

    Help to identify

    Thank you all for the replies! So if the switches control different elements inside of the kiln, does that control the temp some how? switch 1 reaches certain temp, switch 1 and 2 reaches higher temp and so forth? I am completely new at this have always wanted to get into the realm but well this will be the kick in the butt. and @Pres It was a great find, local auction only paid 50 for it. I'm sure I would eventually want to upgrade this to a digital or at least manual with a temp knob :/ I haven't seen the inside YET will later today once picked up, I'll post more pictures then
  4. Howdy folks, at wife found me my first kiln! She got it used but works as intended per owner. Anywho I don’t know what I have! I know it’s a evenheat 4330 (at least what the model plate says) but when looking it up, I only find with knobs. This kiln sitter has only 4 switches. I’ve never done anything in this realm or looked at kilns and have no clue what the switches do. Any help identifying, info or manuals will be greatly appreciated. Thank you you all for you time reading this.

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