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  1. I'm looking at test kilns to test glazes, clays, and firing schedules. Our production kilns are Skutt 1231 PK Single Phase kilns... We fire to ^6, producing functional wares. What sort of features, volume, size, mobility (we are tight on space), element upgrades, would you suggest we consider? Also, it seems like we should stick with Skutt as the production kilns are of the same make (is this a valid assumption?) last our enviro vent system is maxed out with the two 1231's. Is it wise to swap out the venting from the 1231 to the new test kiln or is this wrought with peril? Should we purchase a new venting system? Can we run a hose out the window, or do we need to run duct throughout the wall? One of my potters seems to think there no need to actively vent a test kiln, passive is fine, but this would vent into the primary workspace. Your expertise and thoughts would be most helpful...

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