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  1. nsfdesign

    Jenkins kilns

    Kiln sitter plate has 240 V.A.C., 50 amps, 60 HZ, but there is no other identification on the kiln that I could see from the photos he sent me. I've attached a photo of the logo.
  2. nsfdesign

    Jenkins kilns

    Are they the same? The logo on the kiln definitely says Jenkins.
  3. nsfdesign

    Jenkins kilns

    Anybody know anything about Jenkins kilns? I tried searching on the Internet, but nothing useful came up. I may be able to get one free from a friend. Don't know much about its use--although it looks well used--but the friend put on a new power cord. It has a kiln sitter model LT-3K, but no model number for the kiln itself. He would like to use it in his knife-making business, but is not sure that would work for him. I'm going to use it mainly for bisquing, if he decides to give it up.

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