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  1. Linda A

    How much propane will I use

    Yes I am very unfamiliar with gas firing. Have always fired with an electric kiln but this kiln was such a deal I couldn't pass up so now the learning begins. is that the July, Aug issue for 2018. I didn't get mine yet. Thanks for the suggestion , I will for sure look it up.
  2. Linda A

    How much propane will I use

    Hello all Thanks for all the input about propane. Yes, where I live in British Columbia, Vancouver Island ,propane is sold by weight ( pound). So I have a 100 pound tank that is portable. Neil, I found out my burners are 60,000 BTU's. linda
  3. Linda A

    How much propane will I use

    I am including a picture of my burners. Can you tell if they are ward burners, I can't see any markings on them. Thanks
  4. Linda A

    How much propane will I use

    Hello. Thanks for your reply. you said you burned the burners for two hours before you learned how to get the temp over 920. what did you do to get the temp over 920.?
  5. Linda A

    How much propane will I use

    Ok. Thanks for the advise on how far to keep the tank from the kiln. i feel like a complete idiot but how do I find out how many btu's my burners have. They are Venturi burners and there are two of them if that helps or are they all different. Wouldit help if I sent a picture of the burner.
  6. Hello i am going to be firing my downdraft gas kiln soon. It is 9 cubic feet and I have a 100 pound propane cylinder. I am planning to fire to cone 6. Can anyone give me an idea of how much of the 100 pound propane tank I would use in a firing. Also, how far should the propane cylinder be situated away from kiln. Kiln is movable on wheels. Thanks a lot
  7. Linda A

    What type of gas kiln is this

    I can't wait to fire it. I'll let you know how it goes.
  8. Hello Bill

    i have just joined this forum and on reading some of your postings I noted that you have, the same kiln that I just got. An estrin downdraft gas kiln with a perfect fire controller.

    Do you still have this kiln and were  you successful in using the perfect fire controller.

    i am planning to fire cone 6 white stoneware and cone 6 porcelaine.


    Any advjse on the controller would be much appreciated




    1. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      Linda send Bill R a pm as he will get an e-mail about not as he has not been here in since July 2017. It looks like he has your exact kiln back in 2013.Neil whom he talks to is a moderator on this board as well.You can PM(message) him about this as well. 

    2. Linda A

      Linda A

      Thanks. I will try that

  9. Linda A

    What type of gas kiln is this

    Ok. Thanks a lot for all your information. You are clearing things up for me. This is all new to me as I have only used an electric kiln previously.
  10. Linda A

    What type of gas kiln is this

    THANKYOU for all the help full information. So if I want to fire some copper reds should I just have copper red pieces in the firing and no other glazes. If so at what temp would I need to change to a reducing atmosphere.
  11. Linda A

    What type of gas kiln is this

    Here are some more pics with the two shelves installed. Are they placed correctly and as I add more shelves would I continue with the two shelves or just the large one. I note there is only one peep hole .What should I be looking for with one peep in terms of flame size when I put the kiln in a reducing atmosphere. I am planning to fire to cone 6 with white stoneware and a cone 6 porcelains. At what temp should I start reducing atmosphere and for how long. image one . Space open towards the front of kiln image two and three . Back of the kiln thanks a lot
  12. Linda A

    What type of gas kiln is this

    Thanks for answering all my questions Mark i will take a pic tommorow of the floor with the shelf in place. I live on Vancouver island, British Columbia. Talk soon. Again , thanks a lot.
  13. Linda A

    What type of gas kiln is this

    Hello.. Thanks for your reply. I am attempting to send more photos. The second photo is the back of the kiln. The third photo is the controller. The forth photo is a pic of the burners which there are two of. The both come up at the back of the kiln in either corner. Thanks
  14. Linda A

    Posting equipment pics

    No blowers. I tried to send pics but only allowed one which is the one you see. Yes the burners come up thru the floor. Does the air flow need to be unobstructed from the burners, ie no kiln shelves placed directly over them. Do you have any experience with perfect fire controllers with a gas kiln. Thanks for your help!

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