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  1. Alexa cole

    Glazes for cone 6 porcelain

    Thanks so much Gabby and Min for your feedback. Great information which I will try out. Alexa
  2. Hello, I need some advise as to the best commercial glazes for cone 6 porcelains n #365. Specifically I need a good clear glaze to be used over underglaze screen prints, and a great matte glaze as well. And if anyone can steer me to the best brand of cone 6 porcelain glazes, I would greatly appreciate it. I can’t seem to find any information regarding glazes for porcelain or where I can see test tiles of cone 6 porcelain. I have wasted so much money and time on glazes I thought would work well, which ended up looking terrible. Thanks for any advise and suggestions. Alexa

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