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  1. Stephen_E

    Downdraft Reduction balance question

    Thanks " More air will also increase pressure in the kiln, helping to even it out. " This might be the key concept I needed. Currently firing. I just opened the air to the burners, backed off the gas and presto the bottom peep has a flame. The chimney flames have turned a mix of blue and orange.
  2. I'm firing a Rhode downdraft front load gas kiln. Propane. Not certain what the US equivalent might be. I can't get an even top to bottom firing. Temperature top is plus one cone. It has peeps top and bottom of the door. Top gets indications of steady reduction, bottom little if any. I start the firing with the damper 1/2 closed, am able to make a small damper adjustment (close as I increase gas) once I reach about 800c and both the top peep and the chimney show solid yellow flame, little smoke for a couple minutes then just flame. Good overall temperature rise. It only stalls if I push the damper to where the kiln smokes. Would like to understand how to get better temperature balance, reduction balance? Thanks

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