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  1. Mike.Kelly

    Sodium Silicate variations

    Thanks for all the responses. I haven't tried diluting yet so will give that a go in the next couple of days.
  2. OK So I have not been able to narrow down what causes the different results. I have tried thin coats, thick coats, heat drying, drying naturally, opening slowly, opening fast, and combinations of all the above. I also wondered if it might be due to the dry/wetness of the clay, but both of these pieces came from the same bag. What I am after is the little cracks not the big cracks. Any ideas why I am getting different results?
  3. Mike.Kelly

    Mike Kelly

    Still very new to ceramics and these are the first pots I feel are nice enough to share publicly. Still so much to learn :-)
  4. Mike.Kelly

    How to measure out chemicals for glazing

    Thanks Neil. The commercial dipping glazes I dip three test tiles for 2, 4, and 8 seconds. I plan to do the same with the glazes I make from the recipes. Then I should be able to adjust the thickness accordingly. Well that's the plan anyway.
  5. Mike.Kelly

    How to measure out chemicals for glazing

    This is all great information. Thanks you for the borax tip. I would have been wondering what I did wrong. Thanks again everybody.
  6. Mike.Kelly

    How to measure out chemicals for glazing

    Thanks Dick, I plan on making about 1000g for my first dry batch. The below recipe is one I plan to try. Just to make sure I do fully understand how to measure out the correct weight. The 5.26 and 8.00 represent the % of the total weight of the 1000g i need to add for each additive. So Zircopax would be 52.6g and Sky Blue would be 80g correct? https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/ceramic-recipes/decorating-slips-engobes-and-terra-sigillatas/engobe-blue/ Zircopax 5.26 Mason Stain #6363 Sky Blue 8.00
  7. Mike.Kelly

    How to measure out chemicals for glazing

    So I understand how to measure out the raw ingredients but how do you know how much water to add? Do all glazes have the same specific gravity? I found a couple of articles that talk about 1.75 as a "standard" The recipes I have looked at so far have not mentioned amounts of water or the final specific gravity.
  8. Mike.Kelly

    First firing witness cones

    Agreed Lee. I plan to keep copious notes since I have no expectation I will remember any of the details. I had no real reason to think it wouldn't fire correctly the first time since it is a new kiln. Although the manual did say that it might be off +-10 since it is not calibrated before it leaves the factory. I plan to use witness cones in every firing just to make sure nothing gets out of wack though.
  9. Mike.Kelly

    First firing witness cones

    Thanks Neil. That is very good news. :-) Thanks for the quick response.
  10. Hello All, So I just completed my first bisque firing and took a quick peak at the top shelf (Temp is 250F). The witness cones are not what I expected. Left to right 05,06,07. Kiln was fired to cone 06 slow and took 12h 26 minutes to complete. Is it possible the 06 cone bent more because of the slow bisque? I expected the 06 to be slightly bent. The top shelf was high about 3" from the kiln lid. Also wondering if i didnt leave enough room perhaps. Although this doesn't sound likely to me
  11. Mike.Kelly

    General Kiln Questions

    Thanks Arnold.
  12. Mike.Kelly

    General Kiln Questions

    Thanks Arnold. That' a very good point I didn't think about the electrical components overheating . My plan is to keep it covered when not in use and cool enough to cover. I plan to do the first firing this weekend on slow bisque per the manual. It does say that I could put the shelving in for this first firing. It doesn't however mention anything about the shelves that I have put kiln wash on. Is it ok to put them in do you think?
  13. Hello, I have just purchased a new kiln and after reading the very long manual I have a few questions I am hoping somebody here can assist with. One of the items talked about in the manual is to be careful about storing the shelves in a dry place. I live in Virginia and the kiln will be in my garage. I was wondering is the humidity a concern? I also do a lot of woodworking in my garage which can get very dusty. I am guessing the fine sawdust could get in the kiln and also cause unexpected results. Is this a concern? Thanks Mike
  14. Mike.Kelly

    Firing Pots With Lids

    Yes that's pretty much what happened. The lid was on the pot and that's how it was fired. If it was explained that way before or after the pots were fired I wouldn't be as upset. I was told it just sometimes happens. I would think a lid and pot that is glazed and then fired would always glaze together :-( Its not the first trial by fire incident at my local studio and not what I would expect after paying for lessons. I have learned more from youtube and I am sure now from this community. Looking for an excuse to buy my own kiln. I think I found it. :-) Attended 10 lessons and I absolutely love every minute I get to spend on the wheel. Electrician has been scheduled :-) wife took some convincing though.
  15. Mike.Kelly

    Firing Pots With Lids

    Thanks for the quick response and yes buying my own kiln is a top priority for me. Thanks again.

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