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  1. Teala62

    New Skutt wheel issues

    Call Skutt and talk to Perry. I was asking him about loud noises and told him that someone had been told it was normal. I just sent him this link because I was thinking of buying a new Skutt wheel. He has not yet called me, but he has been very helpful in answering all types of questions I had about a new wheel.
  2. Teala62


    So is a $700 price reasonable for a 20 year old wheel in your experience?
  3. Hello everyone, I have been looking for a used wheel for at least 2 years now. I recently came close to finding a used Skutt that was only 5 years old, but the person decided to keep it rather than sell it. Nothing used seems to be available in North Eastern Ohio, or Western PA too often. I am finding mostly Brent wheels and sometimes a Clay boss. Every wheel I have been finding lately is at least 20 years old, hasn't been used in years; in addition, people want $700-$800 for them. I guess I was very lucky when the five year old skutt was only $700. To add to the confusion a Brent C in 2006 only had a 1/2 hp motor while the new C's have 3/4. I do not even know wht hp motor the older B's have compared to the newer ones. I do not know how old is too old to buy a used wheel or what problems develop at 20+ years. I do not know what types of expenses would be incurred on a repair for an older wheel, but I read in the forum that Brent charges a lot of money for the parts for old wheels. I do know that there were a number of years when the Brents had a problem with the control panel--but do not remember what years it was or how to identify them. I think it has to have physical switches to turn on and buttons. My thoughts are that a wheel that has been stored and not used for 5 or more years could have some issues--especially depending on where and how it was stored. One person video taped the sound of her Brent so I could hear what it sounded like and even corrected the foot pedal when she made the video because it did not stop completely when it was supposed to be stopped. I would be appreciative of any comments or opinions anyone is willing to share. I am thinking I will give up and just buy a new wheel.

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