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  1. Thanks for the reply Diesel, We havent use any slip on the clay and we keep the pieces for firing only after its completely dry and sometimes the cracks are just the surface cracks and sometimes its structural cracks, And yes we are doing our own firing with skutt kiln and the pieces are fired at cone 08 in medium fire setting which is I guess its 150 D / hr. Basically I m from India and the clay which we are getting locally in powder form, we process and filter it with 100# (sieve) and pug it and we are using it and selling it all over india for the studio potters and for the schools all over india., and yes the clay seems like lacking of plasticity and we are adding 2% of bentonite to it to make sure the clay has fine plastic particles and as well as the plasticity.
  2. Hi, I have this problem of cracking or clay splitting when throwing in the wheel, pls find the attached picture and also, after firing at cone 08, the clay has a lot of surface cracks and sometimes structural cracks pls find the attached pic, pls advise why this is happening and how to avoid this in future. Thanks.

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