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  1. Question of interest

    The room with chairMao looks really awsome。and you are right ,most of the work you see for sale there is student work,it‘s widly phenomenon in craft area of china , master of some craft teach student,and student produce ,master running the company ,it‘s deal 。
  2. Question of interest

    in actually, I never know too much about jade artist . and i'm just going to search this pic after read your post and wondering if i may help haha . we do talking about same one , wyuingwen(仵应汶), I’m just started to find out about jade craft,it look beautiful。you should know about that city much than me,i'm living in Jingdezheng and never been Ninyang before。by the way I'm glad to know that you seems really enjoy this experience ,people make alot of friends by drink alcohol,they sounds really good。
  3. Question of interest

    ummm...i supposed you are talking about the place of nan an , china. this is artist's "twitter" ,it may helps you : weibo.com/u/2261353745
  4. all kind of metal glaze is unsafe for food , it may be safe for use in outside

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