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  1. Cedar Tree Pottery

    Glaze Disposal

    Hello, I have only been making my own glazes for a few months so I don't have all that much experience. What should I do to dispose of test glazes that did not work out? I know I cannot pour them down the drain or dump them in the grass as some have toxic chemicals in them. Any ideas?
  2. Cedar Tree Pottery

    Rutile Blue Glazes

    I do not have that book. I will search for the glaze though.
  3. Cedar Tree Pottery

    Rutile Blue Glazes

    For every glaze that I make with rutile (usually blue glazes) the surface turns matte and pinholes. I absolutely adore the variation in color that rutile gives but I hate the surface texture. Is there any way I can make a rutile blue glaze that is smooth and glossy? I fire at cone 6 electric in a small manual kiln. I use standard clays 112, 266, and WC401 Cone 5 B Mix. Thanks, -Claire

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