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  1. Thanks Mark, I hope you are correct! I will let him know when I drop of this batch.
  2. He has chinese ones for $20, so I made the deal for 12 each, that's a 60/40 split in my favor. He's gonna buy the original 30 pots and ask 20 for them, set up in a separate space inside with a sign designating them as locally made by a potter to see if people will buy them. He thinks we can up the price a bit if they sell.
  3. Planters, went to my nearest garden center after work and got a "test" wholesale order for 30 to see if/what sells, spent 2 hours wedging/throwing and ended up with a dozen. It was a good day tater...
  4. 3x3 will fill up fast, I have taken over a little more than half that and it's really tight. No one ever says "I wish my studio was smaller".
  5. Man, this is hard! I threw 6 and got 3 of them to 11", I have 2 more balls ready that are a little more stiff, will try it again in the morning.
  6. Thanks Liam. I completely ruined my 1st 2 kiln loads of mugs, we should form a biker gang and call it The Mug Killers... We booked a small thing at the nature center on the 7th and applied for a big summer show in the next town over, but no "real" shows yet. I don't have any branding/website yet either but we did finally decide on a name, that took forever, so now we can start with the other stuff.
  7. Iv'e seen tons of deer in our back yard, they've scared the heck out of me walking out to the observatory in the evenings just after dark with a loud "HUFF!". That's OK though, Iv'e snuck up on them and gotten payback. Unloaded the kiln with some mugs and planters, and some of my wife's first experiments with underglaze, I think she's gonna do great!. Sure feels good to have work on the table! Getting ready for a show at the nature center in a few weeks.
  8. Well, there is something wrong with me cause now I want to try 50lbs... I'm sure it's just a phase...
  9. The 10,000 hr thing is to be a master, at anything, it's a generality of how many hours it takes to master any skill. "Others will want" is pretty vague, I started selling pots I made in the 1st week of throwing, for dirt cheap, they were terrible. Around 500lbs I started getting better, but at 1000lbs I started having some confidence and felt better about selling a few mugs at the going price.
  10. Great feedback! - I think I see part of the problem now. I am applying to a small show at the nature center and a local arts festival we went to last year. These are low hanging fruit and I am applying because I thought my work surpassed some of what I saw at these shows, so I'd have a chance of getting in. There is no way some of the vendors I saw have paid a professional photographer, so I didn't really try for a "professional" look, just good enough to maybe get into those. I have a friend that is a photographer with product experience and he will give me half price rates. When my work reaches a level that would give me a chance to get into a nicer show, I will have him shoot it for me. I'm really good a photoshop but the lighting is not something you can really fix in editing
  11. Thanks! - They have a big piece of canvas in the box and it has some wrinkles, not sure how much I can resolve that without buying some more canvas, maybe I will ask the owner. That dark oval is the aperture of the light box, the area is pretty dark and it shows in all my images, guess I would need a white sheet to drape over me and the camera to stop that from happening. -Edit: Thanks for the graduated background tip! I will order one of those or swing by the local camera shop. You guys are awesome, I kinda liked the wrinkles because they added some variation, didn't think it was distracting -nothing compares to experience!
  12. Thanks everyone! I have seen the country potter vids, the pipe is hilarious. There is also a "Hands" video about an Irish potter that is heart wrenching as in the end, he says no one is interested in learning the skill and he has no one to pass it on to. Pres, I opened it with 2 thumbs and then pushed down with one hand over the other, was not as bad as I thought it would be. I did slap center a bunch and it helped a ton.
  13. The studio I go to has a lighting setup and I purchased a used DSLR on cragslist so I can take decent pictures. My old point and shoot just would not cut it. Do you think this is a good example of photography I could submit to a juried show or do they need to be better than this?
  14. Last Sunday was the last day of my studio class and the theme was "Go big and go home". Man, what a satisfying feeling to wire off a bowl thrown with 25lbs of clay! Took me half an hour to center it all. I split the bag into 4 parts and centered each section one at a time rather than try to do the whole thing at once, took my time and really tried to control the rim on each pull so it remained true. By far the biggest piece for me to date, but the lack of experience throwing big meant I left it pretty thick, trimmed off 3lbs or so from the bottom and it's still pretty thick. I wish I could practice a lot more with that much clay but reclaiming clay is a PITA and takes up too much of my scarce time, I have found, and a pug mill is cost prohibitive, not that I have a place for one anyway at this point. It was a nice way to round out my 1st year of throwing, coming up in 3 weeks.
  15. Bah, you just need to make 100 mugs a day, you'll be fine...
  16. I charge $20 for a mug and "buy 3 get one free", the average in this area seems to be $18-24 and I've seen $30 at a show.
  17. I spent a summer panning for gold a few years back and have some.
  18. No luck searching, but, what would happen if I sprinkled real gold around the bottom of a bowl and fired to cone 6? It looks like the melting point is 1900f and this would be a few hundred degrees above that, boiling point for gold is really high so I don't think it would burn out. Thinking of dipping a bowl and adding small tiny chunks of pure gold, not leaf. Would it melt into and merge with the glaze or cause blisters/defects?
  19. My guess: Powder form contaminate was sucked in by one of the vent intake holes. That's not a splatter pattern and was obviously spread to the lower shelf via air current.
  20. At less than a year in, I have gotten way more out of utube, probably by a factor of 5, even though I took 4 or 5 classes since then. There is no option for me to receive physical instruction from a master potter here, I liked my teachers, and they are skilled, but I quickly moved beyond the basics and watching people that have really mastered it helped me tremendously. This forum has also been and continues to be a huge boon. I am still mainly focused on the physical act of making forms.
  21. I got one of those little table top slab rollers and some slab mats when I bought a package deal for someone's studio stuff, but the person didn't give me the boards for it and it has sat unused. I plan to cut some plywood so my wife can use it for handbuilding, but i am out of space, my studio is in our bathroom. So no, I can't even afford to have the little table top roller I already have, lol - Wife says she's gettin' "clausty"!
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